Yvette's Bingo Event

Yvette's Bingo Event is a campaign allowing users to get Bonuses for completing tasks. Users must clear squares to complete 8 Lines: horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Bingo Squares

List of Bingo SquaresEdit

1. Draw Friendship Card Pack 2. Enhance Cryptids 3. Join a Guild

4. Defeat Bosses 5. Go to My Page 6. Use Parameter Points

7. Evolve Cryptids 8. Log in Everyday 9. Make Friends.

Bingo PrizesEdit

Coplete Rewards
Clear Square
1st Line
  • 50,000 Coins
2nd Line
3rd Line
4th Line
5th Line
6th Line
7th Line
8th Line
All Clear
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