Yvette is the fairy companion who helps guide and journeys with the Heroes on their quests and adventures. Though she has a fiery personality (being easy to anger), and is quite greedy, she is a loyal companion to the Heroes, and has demonstrated on many occasions to be a kind and compassionate individual with a deep sense of justice.

Though she does not have any powers or abilities, outside of being able to fly, she assists the Heroes with her deep knowledge of Neotellus and her intelligence, on many occasions providing the Heroes with tactical advice, as well as providing moral support in tough situations. As such, she is an important member of the Heroes' party, and is often protected by the Heroes above even their own lives.

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  • As of the Mother Ark story arc, Yvette is currently very ill and will not wake up. As such, Elimval has become the new guide character.
  • Yvette got a card form in Dream World Yvette, where she is angry that her card form is nothing more than a pixel sprite of her.
    • The lore of her card is joking about people who wanted to see Yvette in card form.
  • She often says "Thank Nemus" or "What in the name of Nemus," which is referring to Nemus the Guardian.
  • Despite the previous misconception that she had died in the Japanese version of the game, Legend of Monsters, she actually never existed, as LoM has an entirely different guide character.
    • The guide character in the Japanese version has the same fate as Yvette, being ill, with Elimval taking her place.
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