Yolanda, Gruesome Host

Lore Edit

Yolanda did not like the holy night. The voices of the celebrating humans were obnoxious, and the red-clad idiots flying through the skies irritated her as well. "They'll all be sorry," she promised herself. Before the day was through, she had requested the help of several demons and seized all the presents around the world. She tossed the gifts into the fireplace. As she gazed at the rising flames, a wicked grin spread across her face.


Added on 12 December 2013 as part of the Ho Ho Ho Card Pack in conjunction with the Winterfall Odyssey event.

Name OriginEdit

Yolanda is a Spanish and English feminine name of Old Greek (Iolanthe) origin; the meaning is "violet flower; modest", from iole and anthos "flower". It's possibly could be also of Germanic or Latin origin. Variant of Yolande, a French form of Violet, Hungarian Jolanda, Czech and Slovak Jolantha.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by James Ryman.

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