White Crusader Bauduin


The world faced complete ruin. No matter how fervently Bauduin prayed, nothing changed. As a paladin, he had sworn to fight until the very end, yet he desired assurance that his inevitable sacrifice would not be in vain. He hoped that his life and dignity held significance, but there was nothing he could do but wait for divine providence to descend with the fluttering snow.


Rereleased on July 31, 2014 in the Chains of Vengeance 5 Card Pack as "Reborn" powered-up animated version of White Crusader Bauduin with different skill and lore.

Name originEdit

Baudoin (Baudouin, Bauduin) is a French variant of masculine name Baldwin (Old French, Old German); the meaning is "bold, brave friend". It is a two-element name derived from bald and wine with the meanings "bold, brave" and "friend" respectively. It was borne by Norman Crusader Baldwin of Boulogne, who was elected first king of Jerusalem in 1100.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Due to mistake was first released as Defence Card.
  • Artwork by Pencil1203.

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