Vivi, Light Archer


Before the reapers heard the thrum of Vivi's bowstring, they were struck by light arrows and engulfed in holy flame. Vivi was a member of a small group of crusaders seeking to eliminate death from the world, and even the supposed harbingers of death were not exempt from their wrath. As outlandish as her goals were, each ruthless bolt vanquished another bringer of demise.


  • Added on November 26, 2014 as a part of the Master of Fate 8 Box Card Pack. Can only be drawn with the UR Exchange Ticket.
  • Added to the LCP.

Name originEdit

As a first name, Vivi may be a shortened form of Vivian, Vivien or Vivienne of Latin origin; the meaning is "lively, alive". Originally a Latin name of the Roman Empire period, masculine Vivianus and feminine Viviana, which derived from the adjective vivus "alive".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Jung Myung Lee.

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