Vivacious Balam


When one becomes lost in a deserted location, they will begin to hear the whispers of Balam. "Would you like to hear your future?" When one replies to this question, Balam will immediately extract their soul.

Name OriginEdit

In demonology, Balam (also Balaam, Balan) is a great and powerful king (to some authors a duke or a prince) of Hell who commands over forty legions of demons. He gives perfect answers on things past, present, and to come, and can also make men invisible and witty.

Balam is depicted as being three-headed. One head is the head of a bull, the second of a man, and the third of a ram. He has flaming eyes and the tail of a serpent. He carries a hawk on his fist and rides a strong bear. At other times he is represented as a naked man riding a bear.

His name seems to have been taken from Balaam, the Biblical magician.

Additional InfoEdit

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