Velgo, Unique Summoner


During the third-class summoning examination, Velgo was only able to call forth a tiny, juvenile Cat Sith. While that poor showing was enough to ensure his failure, his inability to return the beast further added insult to injury. From that day on, Velgo strove to improve his technique with his new partner. The path from "dunce" to "genius" would be a long and arduous one.


added on August 15, 2014 as a highest Ranking Reward from the Battle Royale XXVI:

  • Final BR point rank 1 (x2), 2-3 (x2), 4-10 (x2), 11-15 (x2), 16-20 (x2), 21-30, 31-40, 41-50.
  • Guild BR point rank 1 (x2), 2(x2), 3 (x2), 4-5, 6-8.

Additional InfoEdit

EX is featured on the banner of Battle Royale XXVI.

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