Vagrants Asena & Answer


The grey wolf Asena bids her final farewell to her husband of many years. All ten of their children attended the funeral service, held at a dignified-looking church. After the funeral, the family's eldest son Answer, led his family to fight against the neighboring tribe. Answer took up his father's dying wish to free this subjugated land and together with Asena headed towards the battlefield.

Name OriginEdit

Asena is the name of one of the ten sons who were given birth by a mythical female wolf in old Turkic mythology. It is associated with a Göktürk ethnogenic myth "full of shamanic symbolism." Ziya Gökalp mentioned Asena in his article titled "Türk devletinin tekâmülü" (published in the Küçük Mecmua magazine in Diyarbakır, 1922) stating that the Şane, Oghuz-descent commanders of province of the Göktürks, meant Wolf (Asena=Kurt) to the Chinese people.


Reward for completion of Ice Lithograph and Ice Lithograph EX treasure sets during the From Underneath The Ice Odyssey Event.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Sungyoon Ko.

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