Personal Post, all of the cards I still want to own. Plus a list of Kera artwork so I can remember which ones I need.

Collecting is hard.

Kera Artwork:

Card Name Reg PM Renewed Reg Renewed PM
Ashley, Sterling Fairy X N/A N/A
Copal the Furrowed One X X N/A N/A
Crystal Dragon X X
Dimensional Guard Artifact X X N/A N/A
Eager Ammit X X N/A N/A
Enervation Ouranos N/A N/A
Ethereal Bahamut X X N/A N/A
Imperial Wyvern X X N/A N/A
Lady Eden, Wise Sage X N/A N/A
Lovely Thief Ladyhawk X X X
Machine Lord Talos X X N/A N/A
Ominous Reaper X X N/A N/A
Pure Snow Maiden X X N/A N/A
Raging Leviathan X X N/A N/A
Ruthless Executioner Hiram X X N/A N/A
Silent Mermaid X X N/A N/A
Soul Overseer Elf N/A N/A
Star Reader X X N/A N/A
Stella, Dogged Gladiator X X
Whirlpool Leviathan X X N/A N/A
Wonderland Wind-Up Wolf X N/A N/A

Other Cards:

Card Name Reg PM
Verjini of Dark Horrors X X
Swea, Murderous Doll
Master of Puppets
Puppets of Chaos
Maat, Goddess of Serenity X
White Rabbit Portrait N/A
Varron the Sealbreaker N/A
Festive Mage Yuma
Trick or Treat Maat (original)
Salasa, Seeking Godhood
Dante, Godless Angel
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