• Tayloi

    Personal Post, all of the cards I still want to own. Plus a list of Kera artwork so I can remember which ones I need.

    Collecting is hard.

    This list is dead after I sold 90% of it in my quitting sales, and is only left here as a reminder of my awesome (almost complete) Kera collection I managed to pull together.

    Most recent changes: Was gifted last few cards needed that aren't crystal dragons

    Amount left: 4/50

    Card Name Reg PM Renewed Reg Renewed PM
    Ashley, Sterling Fairy X X N/A N/A
    Copal the Furrowed One X X N/A N/A
    Crystal Dragon X X

    Dimensional Guard Artifact X X N/A N/A
    Eager Ammit X X N/A N/A
    Enervation Ouranos X X X X
    Ethereal Bahamut X X N/A N/A
    Gemstone Dragon
    N/A N/A
    Imperial Wyvern X X N/A N/A
    Lady Eden, Wise Sage X X X X
    Lovely Thief Ladyhawk…

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  • Tayloi


    September 26, 2016 by Tayloi

    Sometimes I wish I wasn't into making pages for this wiki... I think it's after me. :U

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