I've gone through quite a life of thrills, skills, deep chills and monstrous proportions. I've made a Philanthropist Extraordinaire of myself in fact. Train in sword, skateboard, cyber knight, am a U.N.S.C. Rogue SPARTAN and a master ranger on RuneScape; where I've also gone and partook in being a knight of the Kinshra by becoming an Overlord. 

My spirit animal is the Malayan Pit Viper.

Why I call my blog the "Viper War-Commander" is because I do not support magick of anykind, but to figure out dragon hunting to support the barbarian that thought to chop through their way of an incoming attack of dragon fire I'd like to believe I have the right to do so.  

Viper Ranger

Might, Justice, Peace, family and well trained.

Sebastian the Snake Warrior

This copy was destroyed for all the Malayan Pit Vipers that have not survived to Skull King. The masterpiece will be included eventually.

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