The only thing more annoying than 'Quitting' threads is the comment: "No Lowballs"

Every single thread I read says "No Lowballs" ...

I can understand not wanting someone to try to trade their RM Advachiel for your PM Vampyre, but offering someone 10% under what they are asking is technically 'lowballing'...

I had a guy YESTERDAY offer me 8 junk rares for 2 of my PM Ultras - THAT is lowballing!

2 New Rules:

1. GET OVER YOURSELF!  Everybody wants a good deal - that includes the people trying to buy what you can't wait to get rid of.

2. DON'T LOWBALL!  SCAMMING IS STEALING - but lowballing isn't much better...  Offering in the ballpark is part of the game - but if you aren't within AT LEAST 50-100 - think again before you post that trade!

Maybe if we all follow these 2 simple rules, I won't have to read any more "No Lowballing" in threads...  UGH!!!

Rant is over...


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