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Other games I play:
Other games I play:
* Valkyrie Crusade
* Valkyrie Crusade
** Main (??? idk what it is right now. probably something dumb): 2kv2u
** Main (gerchunkle): 2kv2u
** ALT (Reiko): 8vyhn
** ALT (Reiko): 8vyhn
* Fantasica (tayloi)
* Fantasica (tayloi)

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  • ID: Jjazzmine
  • ALT ID: _ew_ew_ew_
  • LINE: tayloi

The name is Jazmine, or tayloi or Jjazzmine or whatever else. I'm currently in the guild "shadow phoenix" (wrote with a bunch of special character i can't find lol) and don't plan to leave any time soon!

Active currently in the collectable cards section- trying to maximize my Kera artwork collection (besides Gemstone Dragon, no patience/too poor to afford ALL those variants)

Other games I play:

  • Valkyrie Crusade
    • Main (gerchunkle): 2kv2u
    • ALT (Reiko): 8vyhn
  • Fantasica (tayloi)
  • Girls x Battle (invite code: 106602982042a /|\|/|\ ID: 6629820)
  • Sid Story
    • Main (bejazzled): 288 461 717
    • ALT (Frysa): 286 109 940

I try to help out around on here, but I'm still not too skilled on updating Wikis.

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