Peaceful Saint Patrick

I am a free player always ready to trade for Forest cards so come and trade whenever you have something to get rid off or talk to me about anything any time you want! :).

Top 500 rank player in all events! My favorite are the Odyssey Event and the Underworld. Best achived ranks: 43 in Colosseo65 in UW, 60  in Odyssey and 150 in BR.

Created Pages:Edit

I am from Greece so i had to create Greek Mythology.

Filling LOC with Angels :). Creator of Angels and Deity. And if that is an angelic thing to do then you are in for a surprise! Also creator of Reapers

If you are looking for the best cards for both your Atk and Def frond lines then visit my Drop Skill, Double Skill, Huge Skill, Immense Skill, Counter Skill, Massive Skill pages and some older pages like 25% Boost, Forest 24% boost, Water 24% Boost, Fire 24% boost

For skilling up: Edit

User blog:Amphitere/Amphitere's Skilling/Format1/Ultra Rare EX

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