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KAEL12 (iOS)

Send me a cheer, Line app, kakao or trade ...

I am a 'Free Player' which means I refuse to give them my real money. It also means that my progress in the game is very slow. I make up for this by being on pretty much constantly.


Trade Info - iOS ID: KAEL12 []

Always looking for good deals - especially on Fire Ultras!

Buying / Looking to trade for:

(Titanic) Atlas, King of Atlantis

(Advent) Resurrected Goddess Eostre

(Brave) Dorothy, Magician of Hope

(Archfiend) Renegade Dragonslayer

(Interment) Fated Blood Bonds Ines

(Seduce) Barbara, Ultimate Empress Will also Skill swap down:

(Glamour) Barbara, Undead Empress Skill 10

(Ruler) Satanachia, Ghoul Puppeteer Skill 10

(Nativity) Tiamat of Endowed Heaven Skill 10

Skill 1 + 350 for my Skill 10

(Arms) Power Hungry Gilgamesh Skill 10

(Rupture) Doom Calling Origenes Skill 10

(Karmic) Earth Mother Rhea Skill 10

(Uprising) Cloaked Sage Heloise Skill 10

Skill 1 + 150 for my Skill 10

iOS / Kakao / Line: KAEL12

Selling - Fresh (multiple in presents - let me know how many)

Dream World Lilith / Four-Armed Muirdris / Alabaster Plumed Dragon

Anat, Truth Waker / Flare Wyvern / Stealth Panther Warmonger

Menthe, Celestial Beauty / Dark Knight DragonCaptivating Allatu

Junks / Skilled commons / MBD / MYD / GBD 

Looking for something?  I probably have it...  Cheer me ingame or on Line: KAEL12

Fire Ultra Rare[]

Forest/Water Ultra Rare[]

Event Ultra Rare[]

Bound Ultra Rare[]

Traded Ultra Rare[]

'Fun' Rares[]

My Pages[]


I personally think Defiled Ebony Knight (Conquer) Defiled Ebony Knight looks the coolest! 

There are a lot of cool Rare Fire Rare and? Ultra Rare Fire Ultra Rare, though!