About me

Not that anyone really cares, but I am currently a third year student majoring in psychology. Besides being an active contributor on the Legend of the Cryptids wiki, I am also an avid fan of Anime/Manga and anything the medium has to offer. Because of this, I routinely contribute to the encyclopedia at Anime News Network whenever I'm not wasting my life away here or on other things that have no practical value to society, such as annoying all the people I know about my Ravens winning the Superbowl (like I said they would).

Lastly, I can be quite cynical at times, and I'm a bit of a self-indulgent narcissist. You have been warned.

P.S. To the individual who edited my profile page before, yes I write and spell like a ten year old. Plus, I'm also quite dimwitted and slow for only noticing ten days after the fact. Deal with it.

In-game ID

For those who care, it's the same as here, including the capital at the beginning. Feel free to to leave a message or say hi (or spam random stuff if you're particularly bored and sad).

Contacting me elsewhere

For quicker communication, I can be found on the Line app, with the same ID.

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