aka Amphitere

  • I live in Edmonton
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is Self-Employed/Contractor
  • I am Male
Frigid Death Jeremias꞉Glacial

LoC Discovery

I just discovered the game on Christmas day, 2012. I'm an impoverished player playing a pricey game. I don't plan on spending much but bought a raid card pack to start out. In it came a single UR, “Frigid Death Jeremias” – I count myself lucky and Jeremias has been my leader since then for 90% of the time. It's a card that wasn't seen often (until reprinted) and I still have the original and use it as a great backliner.

Contact Information

I can be reached in many ways. I've listed a few of them in the order of which I will respond to you quickest:

  • Send me a cheer in the game on the iOS server ID: Amphitere, I only have a single account on one device.
  • Want to chat live? I'm available line on LINE. I originally thought I set it up with the same ID, but it turns out I didn't know the first thing about LINE when I downloaded it. So LINE ID: aesthir.
    • Note: To befriend me directly, simply scan this QR code    
LINE Invite QR Code꞉aesthir
  • Post a message to me here on one of the wiki pages. The best way to catch my eye is by using my message wall but comments on one of the blog posts I list below will also reach me. I'll get around to responding eventually.
  • You can reach me on Facebook to find out a little more about me if you are curious. However, I'm not a big fan of Facebook and generally log in only 2-4× a year. That has changed slightly with the release of the Loyalty Card Pack, but even then, I still resisted linking the game with Facebook for almost two months to start receiving Loyalty Points. If you would like to receive points from me, by all means, befriend my Facebook account and send some over. Those who send will receive.
  • Finally, you can attempt to email me at but it'll only reach my eyes if you somehow squeeze through the network of spam filters I have created. Even if it does reach me, I may take a week or two to respond, so be patient. If I see an email that doesn't look like spam and warrants a response, I will (eventually) respond.
Make trades often, you'll never know what will be accepted and there's no harm in trying.

Blog Posts of Interest

I sometimes post a blog detailing in-game information. Since these blog posts are generally full of data, I format them into tables rather than paragraphs in order to organize the data in a concise way. Here is a list of my blog posts that you may or may not find interesting:

Amphitere’s Gifting Services

I provide the first ever Legend of the Cryptids’s Gifting Service! It was the only gifting service available at the time of conception, and people say they have never before seen one prior to then. Thus, it follows it is the longest running gifting service available with the most outstanding reputation!

Basically, you send trade with any number of unbound items and I place them into your presents for you. Once finished, I'll charge 1 for every 5 gift items sent. This "1" can be paid by either gifting me or making a trade containing any one of:

A list of players with outstanding debts will be kept for future reference. If debt is not paid within 48 hours, the ID will be blacklisted and I won't be dealing with that player in the future.

Update: the gifting service is now pretty much obsolete due to the card boxes available (it's about time), but I'll still honor any gifting requests sent to my iOS ID: Amphitere.


Don't throw too much money into the game for your own sake. There are many reasons, but sudden termination is the only one I'll mention. Your account is entirely in the hands of the game developers, Applibot. You own nothing, so every dollar sent their way is a dollar you have no chance of ever getting back. If you feel that dollar was spent well, nobody is judging you.

However, whenever spending money on the game, keep in mind “sudden termination” always lurks around the next bend. It cannot be predicted, nor controlled by you and can happen in a number of ways. Off the top of my head:

  • Account take-down: Applibot can (and does) suspend its players’ accounts on a whim. They may or may not let you know why you can no longer play the game nor do they let you in on if you'll ever be able to play again. If this has happened to you, as it did to me (a month suspension), you can email the designers and try to make a case. They may respond, or may entirely ignore you.
  • Device take-down: the device you play on could crap out if it is:
    • dropped and simply breaks.
    • left somewhere inaccessible: in the case of one of my guildies, another country.
    • drowned: for heaven's sake, stop playing the game when pissing! The toilet is an excellent device-destroyer.
    • faulty: yes, your device could stop working while you're using it at anytime.
  • Financial take-down:
    • Applibot decides to sell and walk away with all your money.
    • Their programmers all strike, then quit. Company can't pay their bills in time and go bankrupt.
    • Japan goes to war or it's financial situation is changed in a way that makes the game operation unfeasible.
    • It could be as simple as a family squabble, or two of the top people hate each other, bringing down the company.
  • Virtual take-down:
    • Hackers take the servers off-line, or corrupt the data.
    • Some crazy virus/worm infects the company, erasing all data.
    • A massive power surge could corrupt data.
  • Physical take-down:
    • Tokyo is known for its earthquakes, any of which could wipe Applibot off the map without notice.
    • A fire could burn down the building.
    • Tsunami. Need I say more?
    • Server infrastructure is interrupted by a massive solar flare, or destroyed entirely by war.
  • etc… etc… etc… you have an imagination as well.

So enjoy the game, but please don't take it too seriously…

— Amphitere

@Shane613: I love all your nice-looking, maximally-sized (without enlargement), PNGs! The highest resolution images available on wiki. Thanks!

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