Anything held within Audria's glowing fuchsia claws disintegrated in an instant. She was forced to hold her hands high as to not cause unintended destruction. No small burden, but it was the alienation that Audria faced as a result of her abilities that was the most painful for her. From the depths of her intense loneliness, Audria forever wondered what could have been.


Added on June 21, 2014 as a part of Master of Fate 4 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Audria is a feminine name of Old English origin; the meaning "noble strength". It is a two-element name derived from aethel and thryth with the meanings "noble, honorable" and "strength, power" respectively. A variant of Audrey (English and French) and Audrina (English). Altered form of the Old English female personal name Ædelpryd.

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