While we strive to ensure accuracy, prices are subject to much variability, and tend to fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. As such, LOC Wiki is not responsible for any losses or damages as a result of following this guide. Always ask other players for latest in-game prices.

This page provides a general overview of card prices in Legend of the Cryptids as a function of their general stats and skill type. Note that this page is meant to be a guide, and as such prices of specific cards will generally not be shown on here (save for some exceptions).

Using this guideEdit

To use this guide, simply match the card whose price you're looking up with the appropriate table on this page. Afterwards, look at your card's maximum PM attack/defense (use the one that's higher) and skill, and match it up with the appropriate section of the table. The value indicated is the approximate price range which you can expect your card to be sold at.

For example, if you are looking up Barbara, Ultimate Empress, find the table for power 17 cards, and look at the row for defense dropping skills and the column for cards with over 14,000 attack/defense. The value indicated here will be the approximate price range in which you will likely find Barbara selling at.

Important notesEdit

When using this guide and referencing value ranges, please keep in mind the following:

  • All values reflect the price of base (unevolved) cards. Please note that values will differ for PM cards, which are usually double the price of base cards.
  • All values are in potions (Energy Drinks/Power Potions).
  • Generally, the higher the power the higher the price.
  • Skill is important:
    • One element boosts skills are generally worth more than other kinds of skills.
    • The greater the magnitude of the skill (Great boost vs. large boost), the greater the value of the card.
    • Cards which drop both attack and defense are rare and highly valued.
    • Cards with event skills are worth the most before the start of their respective event. From then on, prices will tend to decrease and depreciate to a small fraction of their original value.
    • For cards with less popular skills (drop to specific elements), stat efficiency matters more since they are often used as backline cards.
  • Generally, attack cards are worth more than defense cards, and often are valued at the lower end of table ranges.
  • Artwork and rarity matters, and often can push a card's value higher than other cards.
  • Special evolution cards are often worth an extraordinary amount, due to their rarity and difficulty in obtaining necessary parts.
  • Most low powered (below 17/18) cards obtained as event rewards or in the LCP are considered "junk" and are often used to enhance skill rather than as legitimate pieces of a deck.
    • Cards with high stat efficiency are the exception.

Finally, please keep in mind that prices fluctuate on a minute-to-minute basis. As such, these values are meant to serve as a rough guide so players have some idea of the worth of their cards.

As well, it is important to note that while table values apply to a large portion of cards, exceptions and outliers exist outside or price ranges. Please see exceptions below for some of these cards.

Skill level and pricesEdit

The skill level of a card often plays an important role in the value of a card, and can often push the value of a card by a significant amount. This is especially the case with cards which possess a highly sought after skill.

As a general rule of thumb, skill only matters for PM cards since skill resets after evolving a card. Additionally, skill level often times only affects a card's price when the skill is above level 4. The below table illustrates the relationship between price and skill level. Note that price increase percentages are based on the unskilled PM card's price.

Skill level % increase
2 0
3 0
4 0
5 3-5
6 5-8
7 8-12
8 12-15
9 15-20
10 20-25

Attack/defense boosting/dropping cardsEdit

Power 21Edit

Attack/defense boosting cards
Skill effect Max attack/defense
19,000+ Under 19,000
Any 45,000 30,000

Power 20Edit

Skill effect

18,000+ Under 18,000
Immense 6,000 5,000
Huge 5,000 4,000
Negate 6,000 4,000
Amplify 5,000 5,000
Drop 4,000 3,000
Defense 5,000 4,000
Raid 7,000 7,000

Power 19Edit

Attack/defense dropping/boosting cards
Skill effect Max attack/defense
15,000+ Under 15,000

LCP: 100

Non-LCP: 200

LCP: 50

Non-LCP: 100

Power 18Edit

Attack/defense dropping/boosting cards
Skill effect Max attack/defense
14,000+ Under 14,000
Any 50 25

Power 17Edit

Attack/defense boosting cards
Skill effect Max attack/defense
13,000+ Under 13,000
Any 20 15

Power 16Edit

Attack/defense boosting cards
Skill effect Max attack/defense
10,000+ Under 10,000
Any 15 10

Under Power 15

5 potions or less for all 

Event cardsEdit

Event cards
Power Attack/defense efficiency
800+ Under 800
? ? ?

NOTE: For this category, Card Value and Potion value is approximately the same.

Event skill cardsEdit

Before eventEdit

Event skill cards
Skill effect Price range
Raid boss damage boost 4,000
Battle Royale points boost 3,000
Odyssey item boost 3,000
Colosseo points boost 3,000

After eventEdit

Event skill cards
Skill effect Max attack/defense
10,000+ Under 10,000
Raid boss damage boost 200 200
Battle Royale points boost 100 100
Odyssey item boost Depends* Depends*
Colosseo points boost Depends* Depends*

*The event skills for these cards only last one event, so their value will depend on their alternate skills. See the above sections for values of these cards after events.

Special evolution cardsEdit

For more information on how special evolutions work, see Guide to special evolution cards.
Special evolution cards
Card type Price range
Token card (e.g. Warm Snowman, Shining Aquastone) Approximately less then 1/3 of the special evolution it belongs to
Container card (e.g. Chef's Patisserie) None (bound and given for free during events)
Evolver card (e.g. Emidio the Sweetsmaster) None (bound and given for free during events)
Power 13 final stage (e.g. (Unit) Altruistic Jade Musketeers) 250
Power 14 final stage (e.g. (Ally) Altruistic Azure Musketeers) 350
Power 15 final stage (e.g. (Absolved) Forest-Shielded Spirica) ?
Power 16 final stage (e.g. (Duty) Altruistic Rose Musketeers) 700
Power 17 final stage (e.g. (Fulfilled) Rouge Treasure Island) 700
Power 18 final stage (e.g. (Superb) Grape Tarts) ?
Power 19 final stage (e.g. BLANK) ????
Power 20 final 15,000
Power 21 final 50,000

Special exceptionsEdit

This section outlines specific prices for cards which don't fit within price trends.

Special exceptions
Card Name PP/ED Price Low PP/ED Price HIgh Last updated
Vivian, Lady of the Lake thumb Vivian, Lady of the Lake
Sacred Mountain Hunter thumb Sacred Mountain Hunter
Satan, Lord of the Wicked
Vengeful Captain Hook thumb Vengeful Captain Hook
Brynhildr, War Princess thumb Brynhildr, War Princess
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