Ultimate Experiment Ddraig


The Empress had offered to grant all of Ddraig's wishes. But in exchange, experiments were to imbue his body with terrible strength and an ashen, fearsome form. He who was Baseborn now possessed might enough to match royalty. The sight of those who once oppressed him bowing in reverence was worth the trials that granted him his new power.


Added on March 17, 2015 as a final reward during Unspoken Evil Odyssey Event, altogether 7,700+ cards:

  • Final rank 401-1,500 (x2), 1,501-2,000, 2,000-4,000 (x2), 4,001-5,000.
  • Guild rank 21-50.

Name originEdit

Ddraig, draig or nraig are a Welsh words for "dragon".

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