Ullr, Godsend Rival Hunter


A young god, Ullr is adept in warfare and hunting in the mountain forests. He blends in with the great trees, watching his prey with a piercing gaze akin to a hawk, and swoops in for the kill. No one can escape his Taxus baccata-fashioned spear.

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In early Germanic paganism, *Wulþuz ("glory"; Old Norse Ullr) appears to have been a major god, or an epithet of an important god, in prehistoric times. The term wolþu- "glory", possibly in reference to the god, is attested on the 3rd century Thorsberg chape (as owlþu-), but medieval Icelandic sources have only sparse material on Old Norse Ullr.

The Old English cognate wuldor means "glory" but is not used as a proper name, although it figures frequently in kennings for the Christian God such aswuldres cyning "king of glory", wuldorfæder "glory-father" or wuldor alwealda"glorious all-ruler".

The medieval Norse word was Latinized as Ollerus. The Modern Icelandic form is Ullur. In the mainland Scandinavian languages the modern form is Ull.

Source: Wikipedia [1]


Added on November 14, 2012 as a part of Random Bonus Card Pack during Battle Royale V.

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