Type D415Y-Cutter


The inorganic felt no emotions, least of all fear. The Neotellans found their heedless behavior to be abnormal, yet reminiscent to that of a loyal hound. With overpowering might, they faithfully marched forward as they wrought chaos. Some factions were so impressed by the Mother Ark's compact yet efficacious technology that they pledged their support to Adrashian in hopes of acquiring plans to build their own.


Added on June 1, 2015 as a final ranking reward during The Lost Army Raid Event, altogether 2,180+ cards:

  • Final rank 11-150 (x2), 261-800 (x2), 801-1,600.
  • Guild rank 1-20.

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Iwo Widulinski aka nubb.

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