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Triumphant Return was introduced on October 14, 2018 and replaced the Destined Encounter Card Pack. It included animated renewed cards or variations of already released cards.

It is divided into two parts, the Blue and Red Champions CP.

  • Red: The first draw costs 1,500 Gems, the following 3,000 Gems.
    • 2nd draw gives a 10% Renewed Card Ticket
    • 4th a 30% Renewed Card Ticket.
    • CP reset after the 4th draw.
  • Blue: One draw unlocks a guaranteed Renewed card once.
    • October 2018: First draw 1,500 Gems, the following 3,000 Gems, the 7th draw gives the card.
    • since November 2018: all draws 4,000 Gems, the 5th draw gives the card.

In October 2018 it started with (Autumn Festival) Costumed Elimval (UR), a 6-Stage Evolution.

The November 2018 the card pack featured (Duplex) Ishtar, Strife of Disaster (LR), a 4-Stage Evolution.

From December 2018 on the card pack includes 2 customizable LRs.

It was replaced in February 2020 by the Parallel Crossing card pack.

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