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Treasure are items found in the game which can be completed as sets to obtain Rare cards. Treasure can be found

  • by obtaining a reward in quests
  • by battling others who already have them (stealing)
  • for a while during Odyssey Events

There are a large number of treasure sets to complete. To protect the treasure the player can set a trap.

How to get themEdit

Purple Clogs
Blue Ocarina

Treasures can be acquired through quests. Once a treasure set is 'discovered', they can also be stolen from other players in battles. Stealing rules:

  • Treasures can only be stolen from completed sets.
  • Treasures cannot be stolen from a completed set when the person being attacked has only 1 of that treasure. Treasures can only be stolen if the victim's set is either incomplete, or has more than 1 of that color.
  • Traps will ALWAYS result in a failure to acquire the treasure - regardless of ATK power and DEF power used.
  • The same person can only be attacked thrice per day - regardless of the outcome of those battles.

Quest TreasureEdit

Green Grimoire
Turquoise Máti


For regular treasures, every player gets only 2 colors from the quests, depending on the chosen element.

  • Forest ONLY gets Red & Yellow
  • Water ONLY gets Blue & Purple
  • Fire ONLY gets Green & Turquoise

Regular treasures can be gifted but cannot be traded or sold.

Quest Treasure TableEdit

The value represents the value in coins when donated to a guild.

Treasure Reward Element Value Quest
RingProud AstarothWater2,000Chapters 02-05
BangleLavabeast VritraFire2,500Chapters 06-09
AmuletBetrayer SarielForest3,000Chapters 10-13
CameoHoly DragonWater3,500Chapters 14-17
AnkletTwinwall FirewyrmFire4,000Chapters 18-21
MedalRampaging AchlisForest4,500Chapters 22-25
TalismanQ.T. Upierzyca JokerFire5,000Chapters 26-29
JanbiyaTherianthrope AwakeningWater5,500Chapters 30-33
TikiMielikki, Forest HuntressForest6,000Chapters 34-37
CompassStormcaller SilpheedWater6,500Chapters 38-41
ClogsSilvia, Divine NymphForest7,000Chapters 42-45
Incense BurnerGuede, Death Feast PrincessFire7,500Chapters 46-49
WhistleIntricate Hell Spy FidesWater8,000Chapters 50-53
Pendant LocketGlistening GotthardForest8,500Chapters 54-57
LanternMoonlight Sorcerer LucienFire9,000Chapters 58-61
QuillDragon Queen AlbertinaWater9,500Chapters 62-65
OcarinaSkyrising AletteForest10,000Chapters 66-69
Power StoneRuwach, Divine EnvoyFire10,000Chapters 70-73
DiceFlaming Fusion RavaaWater10,000Chapters 74-77
GrimoireAyla, Half-Beast GuardianForest10,500Chapters 78-81
ChalicePamela, Possessed MaidenFire10,500Chapters 82-85
MátiHoly Elf QueenWater10,500Chapters 86-89
OrbCecilie, Asterite SmithForest10,500Chapters 90-93
Dragon ScaleRuin Incinerator FolkrioFire10,500Chapters 94-97
SeashellBrute Handler IzabelaWater10,500Chapters 98-101
Dove CoinUrban Menace CanossoForest10,500Chapters 102-105
HourglassKasdeja, Adoptive DemonFire10,500Chapters 106-109
ViolinSupreme Villain DavidsWater10,500Chapters 110-113
PhurpaGai'koza, Lion CommanderForest10,500Chapters 114-117
BowBardas, Battlefield SlayerFire10,500Chapters 118-121
Ancient CoinSquall Ruler HafgufaWater10,500Chapters 122-125
LensesBirdseye Patrolman AbateForest10,500Chapters 126-129
MedailleAir Commander GuradlFire10,500Chapters 130-133
Meteorite50% UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 134-137
Clay Doll16-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 138-141
Fossil16-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 142-145
Crystal18-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 146-149
Ancient Tome18-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 150-153
Ancient Coin19-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 154-157
Sphinx Figure
(called Lenses)
19-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 158-161
(called Altar Cloth)
20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 162-165
Medallion20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 166-169
Ice Lithograph20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 170-173
Music Box20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 174-177
Crystal Dome20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 178-181
Fossil20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 182-185
Grail20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 186-189
Medaille20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 190-193
Crystal20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 194-197
Magatama20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 198-201
Rosary20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 202-205
Sphere20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 206-209
Romantic Bouquet20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 210-213
Heart Ring20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 214-217
Gift of Love20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 218-221
Binocular20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 222-225
Neotellan Chalice20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 226-229
Medaille20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 230-233
Ancient Tome20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 234-237
Sphere20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 238-241
Meteorite EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 242-245
Binocular EX20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 246-249
Neotellan Chalice EX20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 250-253
Chocolates EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 254-257
Christmas Ornament20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 258-261
Christmas Bells EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 262-265
Ice Lithograph EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 266-269
Ice Key EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 270-273
Ice Ring EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 274-277
Romantic Bouquet EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 278-281
Heart Ring EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 282-285
Stein Boot EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 286-289
Mirror EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 290-293
Locket EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 294-297
Phurpa EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 298-301
Crystal Skull EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 302-305
Model Ship EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 306-309
Gauntlet EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 310-313
Lighter EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 314-317
Gift of Love EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 318-321
Ancient Coin EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 322-325
Axe EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 326-329
Lamp EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 330-333
Crystal Dome EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 334-337
Music Box EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 338-341
Hourglass EX220-PWR & Up UR Ticket 10,500Chapters 342-345

Event TreasureEdit

For a while, treasure could also be obtained through Odyssey Events. These treasures were called Event Treasure and also yielded a specific prize when the treasure set was completed.


Like in normal questing, one could only get 2 treasures from the Odyssey Event. The rest needed to be acquired through battling and stealing:

  • Forest ONLY pulls Red & Yellow
  • Water ONLY pulls Blue & Purple
  • Fire ONLY pulls Green & Turquoise

While treasure of any color can be targeted, the fact that these 2 colors can be obtained without battling lessens the chance that they will be trapped.

NOTE: Event treasures generally CANNOT be gifted.

Event Treasure TableEdit

Treasure Reward Element Event
Solar Ring + EX Dark Elf of Benevolence Forest Houses of the Holy
Solar Comb + EX Soul Overseer Elf Water Houses of the Holy
Solar Pendant + EX Gatekeeper of Flame Fire Houses of the Holy
Crystal Skull + EX Aditi, Dragon Master Fire Creatures of the Night
Crystal Dome + EX Halcyon Asmodeus Water Creatures of the Night
Magatama + EX Enraged Chronos Forest Creatures of the Night
Rosary + EX Werewolf of the Dawn Forest Dead Memories
Lighter + EX Succubus Twin Bovina Fire Dead Memories
Locket + EX Mors, Goddess of Death Water Dead Memories
Binocular + EX Divine Invoker Reticula Water Stargazer
Sphere + EX Tempest Drake Fire Stargazer
Meteorite + EX Anael, Ruler of Venus Forest Stargazer
Candy Apple + EX Pestering Cait Sith Forest This is Halloween
Cupcake + EX Conflicting Bat Betty Water This is Halloween
Chocolates + EX Lady Black Cat, Frolicker Fire This is Halloween
Ancient Tome + EX Ares, God of War Forest Out the Blue
Medaille + EX Demeter, Deity of Sacred Law Water Out the Blue
Neotellan Chalice + EX Nemesis, Punishment Deity Fire Out the Blue
Candy Cane + EX Moon Healing Spirit Forest Last Christmas
Christmas Bells + EX Hols Protecting Archangel Fire Last Christmas
Christmas Ornament + EX Holy Sentinel Lazward Water Last Christmas
Ice Ring + EX Awakened Cimejes Forest From Underneath The Ice
Ice Key + EX Noble Chemist Nagin Fire From Underneath The Ice
Ice Lithograph + EX Vagrants Asena & Answer Water From Underneath The Ice
Romantic Bouquet + EX Animated Elvira Fire My Bloody Valentine
Heart Ring + EX Revitalizing Matilda Water My Bloody Valentine
Gift of Love + EX Loveless Princess Laia Forest My Bloody Valentine
Stein Boot + EX Fated Guardian Angel Fire The Devil's Dance Floor
Balloon Bouquet + EX Sanctified Sword Attendant Water The Devil's Dance Floor
Top Hat + EX Front Line Crusader Forest The Devil's Dance Floor
Dove Coin + EX Katie, Princess of Atatar Forest Hell or Highwater
Seashell + EX Dark Warmage Silas Water Hell or Highwater
Letter + EX Holy Fencer Selma Fire Hell or Highwater
Crystal + EX Oasis Resident Lida Forest Jailbreak
Fossil + EX Tartas Bard Kamil Water Jailbreak
Wedding Ring + EX Gert the Warden Fire Jailbreak
Medallion + EX Suvi the Beheader Forest Fight Fire With Fire
Sparkling Ring + EX Double Bladesman Clyde Water Fight Fire With Fire
Clay Doll + EX Lava Dragon, Born of Flames Fire Fight Fire With Fire
Tiara + EX Lone Angel Philine Forest Wicked World
Masquerade Mask + EX Spiritworld Hunter Sarka Fire Wicked World
Hourglass + EX Devil-Dealing Denisa Water Wicked World
Brooch + EX Olde Knight Battista Fire Castle in the Sky
Music Box + EX Iron Sand Summoner Adolphus Water Castle in the Sky
Mirror + EX Ava of the Insurrection Forest Castle in the Sky
Gauntlet + EX Lost Tribeswoman Kurttu Forest The Time Warp
Scissors + EX Chrono Guardian Gilmore Water The Time Warp
Pendulum + EX Brenda the Red Fire The Time Warp
Sphinx Figure + EX Faithful Aurélien Fire Beyond the Horizon
Perfume Bottle + EX Odina, Reckless Sage Forest Beyond the Horizon
Lamp + EX Asriel, Measuring Piety Water Beyond the Horizon
Bow + EX Alstar, Yearning for Victory Fire Ring of Fire
Phurpa + EX Mifa the Phantom Fighter Forest Ring of Fire
Axe + EX Anik the Soul Searcher Water Ring of Fire
Cake + EX Plunderwitch Orifous Forest Eternal Flame
Rose Bouquet + EX Conceited Poniet Water Eternal Flame
Teddy Bear + EX Marcus, Lying Senator Fire Eternal Flame
Ancient Coin + EX Ruinous Dark Dragon Fire Liquid Swords
Circlet + EX Xeno, Curse Perceiver Water Liquid Swords
Musical Ball + EX Rachmil, Controlling Evil Forest Liquid Swords
Lenses + EX Serpent-Powered Raiyat Forest League of Shadows
Altar Cloth + EX Silver-Tongued Habach Fire League of Shadows
Marionette + EX Garrod, Loyal for Love Water League of Shadows
Bell + EX Genius Young Dragon Water Revenge of the Ancients
Choker + EX Genius Young Dragon Water Revenge of the Ancients
Model Ship + EX Genius Young Dragon Water Revenge of the Ancients

Additional NotesEdit

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