Tranquil Spirit Libby


While the sight of Libby glowing in the moon's light is both fanciful and breathtaking, her more illusory qualities belie the tremendous power within her frame. A lapine spirit who has existed for hundreds of years, she possesses ancient knowledge and an aura so tranquil it can even appease enraged deities. Until the gods' descent, she will serve as the protector of the creatures who live within her domain, for any who enters finds any sense of hatred or violence waver and fade into the mist of night.


  • Added on October 26, 2014 as a part of Master of Fate 7 Box Card Pack. Drawable only with UR Exchange Ticket.
  • Can be drawn from the Legend Card Pack using an LCP Claim Ticket.

Name originEdit

Libby is an English and Hebrew feminine name of Hebrew origin; the meaning is "God is my oath, God is perfection". A diminutive form of English, Greek, and Hebrew Elizabeth, derived from Elisheva where el means "God, powerful" and sheba "oath, seven"; and Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German Isabel.

Lapine (plural lapines) translates from French as "doe, female rabbit".

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