Trampling Helken


Helken found the world he inhabited to be far too small. Or perhaps it was that there simply wasn't enough food. The enormous creature caused destruction throughout the forest as he searched, and creatures of all kinds learned to stay until the sound of massive footsteps faded. It was not out of the question for Helken to consume even the trees if he grew hungry enough. Though recently, the monster hungered for a certain meal in particular, a spirit of blades and a golden young goddess. "Still... hungry..."


Added on June 11, 2014 during Through the Rift Odyssey Event:

  • Final Ranking 4,001-6,999.
  • Guild Ranking 51-200.
  • Boss Defeat Reward - Round 100.

Additional InfoEdit

Boss in 19th Chapter in Through the Rift Odyssey Event.

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