Traitor Slaying Waltrude


There are some in the netherworld who plot to rise against the very realm they inhabit. These foolish, would-be insitgators are tracked down by Waltrude and her dragon mount Magda. No matter how far her targets may run or where they hide, escape is utterly impossible. She will carry put her death sentence without fail.

Acuquisition Edit

During Spread the Glory Facebook Event:

  • First Card from May 27th and May 30th, 2013. Was sent on June 3rd, 2013 due to delay.
  • Second Card from June 11th to June 12th, 2013.

Name meaning Edit

Waltrude (Waltraud, Waltrawd, Wiltrud, etc) is a feminine name of German origin; the meaning is "strong rule" or "strong foreigner". It is derived from elements wald "to rule" or walh "foreigner" and trud "strength, power".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Yuan Qiujian.

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