Tokens are awarded at the completion of a battle between Guilds during Battle Royale events.

Tokens can also be gifted between Guild members.  You are allowed one 'gift' per successful attack duing a Battle Royale battle.  You can gift each member of your guild 1 time per day.

NOTE: When gifing tokens - you essentially GAIN 2 tokens for every 1 you gift!!! 

Ex: Say you only have 1 token, but you have 3 'gifts' available.  You can gift your 1 token to a guildmate: you get an extra token for gifting, then another for sending that guildmate a cheer telling them to 'Check Your Tokens' (or whatever you change the message to).  When you look at your token count you will see that you now have 3!  If you then gift your remaining 2 'gifts' - you will see that you now have 7.  And so on (if you have remaining gifts).

They can be exchanged for cards from the Token Box Card Pack. Three Tokens are needed to pick one card.

NOTE: Tokens will DISAPPEAR after a period of time (specified on the Tokens page).  If you do not use your Tokens by this date you will lose them.

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