Timid Prince Ludovico


"Teach me the ways of the sword." Prince Ludovico bowed his head, and upon doing so, royal guard Mystic rested her hands on her hips. "Have you fallen in love, Your Majesty?" Aware that the prince was usually timid and pacifist in nature, Mystic reasoned that the mysterious workings of love could be the only explanation behind his sudden desire to take up arms. Though he was patently averse to martial training, the one he loved had a distaste for the cowardly. And that person being Mystia, Ludovico felt maybe receiving the training from her would not be so unpleasant after all...


Added on June 26, 2015 as a final Ranking reward during Battle Royale XXXVI Event, altogether 1,890+ cards:

  • Final BR point rank 101-600 (x2), 601-1,400.
  • Guild BR point rank 1-2 (x2), 3-6, 7-8 (x2), 9-20 (x2), 21-75.
  • Also available from the Token Box Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Ludovico is an Italian masculine given name, sometimes spelled Lodovico. A variant form of German Luwvig "famous warrior", old forms are Germanic Chlodwig and Hludwig, which was composed of the elements hlud "famous, loud" and wig "war, battle, strife; fighter, warrior".

Additional InfoEdit

Featured on the banner of Battle Royale XXXVI Event.

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