• I absolutely love all your pictures so wrote a script to download all card pix off this wiki. Once I had every card, I realized there is no consistency and they are of all different sizes, formats, framing, cropping, etc... (created and upped by a ton of different people).

    In an effort to feed my OCD, I wrote scripts to grab whatever card I come accross in the game from my iPhone, auto-join the halves, flatten, and apply a nice color profile. I still have to manually upload them and edit the pages, but maybe I'll one day automatize that as well..

    Anyway, what I end up with are full-sized, lossless (in quality) PNGs of all identical sizes, qualities, framing, etc...

    The reason I'm writing here is because I don't want you to be offended if I overwrite some of your pictures while uploading. Just let me know and I'll rename them to not overwrite any of yours. Have a peek at a batch I upped tonight and let me know what you think. Shall I continue?

    — Amphitere

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    • Hi, I definitely won't feel offended if some of my pictures get replaced, and thanks for contributing. It's much appreciated so upload away ^_^

      In any case, I'll guess that most of the pictures you'll replace are Les's as he uploads many more photos compared to I. Since he managed to download every cards' image directly from the game server, you can ask him for the pictures if you want. Needless to say, the game server's images are all uniform in size, format (JPG), etc... 

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    • Thx ZZ!

      Ahh, yes... I've spoken with him already on the Galaxy Saga wiki. I've asked him why not up the full-sized PNGs when you have the access to Applibot's originals. He says it would load down the wiki server. I think the reason is more about the work involved though, both in the templates already created, and the mass overhaul. In either case, his images won't be replaced as his are jpgs, just the links to them on card data pages will be. Some of yours, on the other hand, will be.

      Although I don't have access to the cards, and don't invest big cash in the game, I've convinced many of my bigger spenders in my guild to lend me cards for picture snapping... then I run them through a series of scripts.

      At first I thought I'd just do this for my own personal collection (I like to collect lots of things, I'm wierd), but after acquiring >1000 cards at full quality (sum of both games) and their respective headshots, I'm going to share those images off my page.

      One day when I have the time, I'll start up a blog post containing chunks of them because even though I'm wierd, there are other wierdos out there I'm sure who would appreciate it.

      Thx for the “go ahead!”

      — Amphitere

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