• Les knows about this, but I though I'd let you know that I made some changes to the Infobox card template. Some key changes include automatic calculation of stats, and automatic image retrieval. This way, there's less work needed. I've still left some of the old fields in as optionals in case people want to manually enter information, and so existing card pages don't break.

    You can see the link I've posted to see more information on the changes. Note that the other card infoboxes have not been changed yet.

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    • Cool, thanks. It'll definitely make things less tedious.

      For the automatic image retrieval, does it matter if it's a png image or jpg image? If there were exact names with different file formats, which would this template use?

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    • The template will search for both formats, and pick the one that exists. If neither exists, an image placeholder will be substituted instead and the page will be categorized in the "image needed" category automatically.

      Don't remember which format would be preferred if two identical names with different formats existed.

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