• Hi, Beboper!

    I was wondering if you had an opinion on this site being included in the new gaming footers? We'd love for the Legend of the Cryptids community to be included!

    Best regards,


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    • Sounds like an interesting idea. I'd be fine with including this wiki. I am curious to know how it would look once placed on an actual wiki though. Is there like an example wiki somewhere that already has the gaming footer in place already? Or has this thing not gone live just yet?

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    • It isn't live yet - the plan is to roll them out at the end of the month. But the background of the footers are transparent, meaning they'll match whatever site they're placed on; and the link color is inherited from the site as well ;)

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    • Sounds good. Can't wait to see this in action!

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    • A FANDOM user
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