• Hi, I was wondering if its possible to downloads all the card galleries here or in-game at once. I tried one by one but its impossible. Also search in Google and couldnt find nothing. With the ones here I'm more than satisfied but all from the game would be superb.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • All their images are stored on servers, so you'll need to download them one by one (though if you know where they are saved and the naming scheme for each image, you could get a bulk downloader to download multiple ones at once). And as for card galleries, there really isn't a way to get a fully completed one without putting it together yourself.

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    • Thanks for the question, I tried with several software but couldn't download the images. It ended downloading the entire Wiki which was slow and an horrible task. ¿Any advices? 

      I wanted them for inspiring me as a freelancer artist. There are some that are pretty interesting.

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    • If you want to download off the wiki, the best method I can think of is to simply copy and paste links to images as you come across them here, and use use a bulk downloader to download all of your saved links at once. A good browser extension you may want to consider is "DownThemAll!" which allows you to selectively download images and other media on pages with the press of a button.

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