• I updated a few things on the Battle Royale Deck Building page.  Please let me know if it is what you wanted or if I went in the wrong direction.  Thanks.

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    • Thanks for the work, although I was actually planning on using automated tables to fill out some of the sections (namely the frontline section), since it will save time this way. I'm currently tinkering with a few scripts for this exact purpose, and hope to get them up and running soon.

      For the backline decks, I'm planning on just listing a few examples of good backline cards for each element, and then linking to our existing UR tables, which already do a good job of listing cards by stats, and which can be sorted based on efficiency.

      The sections which will require manual work will be the frontline second choice booster sections, with the goal of those sections being to list cards which provide a decent boost while at the same time being very easy to obtain.

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    • Got it.  Thanks.  I'm still figuring out these editing tools so I can contribute more.

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