• I noticed during past BR that my friend was getting less than half of the BR points when we attacked the same players. So defender was the same, only the attacker differed.

    In the game there is a note about BR points being partially based on front line used. I lent him some high attack cards for the event as it was. Did he instead need higher skill cards on his frontline? Most of his were Sk 1, most of mine Sk 10.

    In other words would he earn more BR points even with pwr 14 cards, Sk 10 or Pwr 17 cards Sk 1?


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    • First of all did either of you have a BR skill card in your frontline? Depending on the BR card you use, BR points can be boosted by 10-20% (if it's an old BR card) and 50-100% (if it's the current BR card). Another factor can be your levels. If you're a lower level than your opponent but your friend is a higher level than your opponent, the points given will differ. This is why most of the top BR players are using alts in the level 100 range. They figured out this is the sweet spot to have a high enough attack yet low enough level to maximize points received.

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    • We both used an old skill 10 raid card. I think the level thing is reversing ---Recently I am scoring higher now than I was a few months ago and than my guild leader who held at level 90or so for a long time because of what you mention. Then he was not getting the same points as he used to so he said what the heck and began levelling again.

      I am level 202 and I scored higher than my friend who is like 124. I also score higher than my guild leader who is now 186 I think.

      So is it skill level or attack power that is more important? LOC says it is based on frontline used and the opponent. So if same opponent, that is removed from the equation.


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    • The level of your account does play a factor in points received. I have a lvl 210 account that i use for raid and a lvl 102 account I use for BR. Let's say you encounter a lvl 220 opponent. You'll get a certain amount of points but if your friend has the same amount of atk and a deck similar to yours, then he will get more points because the difference between his account and his opponent's is bigger.

      The main thing with using a lower level but high attack account for BR is that you encounter more players in the lvl 120-160 range so if you attack them, you're limited to points because you are a higher level than them. However if your friend attacks them, since he is a considerably lower level than them, he can maximize points received. This is all considering both of you have similar attack stats and deck strength.

      BR specific accounts are all kept in the lvl 90-110 range with as much stat points allocated to attack as possible. You will see this when you go up against top 10 guilds. Most of them swap out their main accounts for BR designated ones.

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