Thief Aesthete Fabiano


Fabiano's near-superhuman abilities had allowed him to swipe the king's crown right off his head. Now he and his beautiful accomplice Hilka looked down on the royal legion, leisurely spectating as the knights scrambled to retrieve the important heirloom. The master thief's skills were more like artistry, as he performed his burglaries without inflicting a single injury and easily breaching even the most vigilant guard. For Fabiano, the item stolen was not important, he only cared the world know the elegance of his technique.


Name originEdit

Fabiano is an Italian and Portuguese masculine name of Latin origin; the meaning is "grower of beans". A derivative of the old Roman clan name Fabianus, itself from Fabius, also a family name; from Latin root faba "bean". A variant of Dutch, English, German, and Polish name Fabian.

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