The All-Seeing Merlin


Merlin was born with the astonishing power to see the future. She saw herself guiding the young King Arthur of Camelot through his continuing battles and ascent to greatness. Fearing the abuse of her abilities, she hid herself in the forest. However, fate was already decided and she left the forest to help the king.


Added on March 30, 2013 as a part of Knights of Camelot Card Pack.

Name OriginEdit

Merlin is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend. Merlin's traditional biography casts him as a cambion: born of a mortal woman, sired by an incubus, the non-human wellspring from whom he inherits his supernatural powers and abilities. Merlin matures to an ascendant sagehood and engineers the birth of Arthur through magic and intrigue. Later Merlin serves as the king's advisor until he is bewitched and imprisoned by the Lady of the Lake.

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