Syndalio the Descendent


The blood of the goddess pulsing within his frame meant there could be no such thing as a life of peace. In fact, not a day passed where the half-god Syndalio did not engage in combat. It was necessary to defend himself from those who desired the powers given to him. It was also his duty to use those powers to slay the wicked. The knight understood that his life would not change until the day he died. And yet still, he felt a great reverence towards the goddess.


Added on 18 June, 2014 as a part of Chains of Vengeance 3 Card Pack.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Special Skill Card for Battle Royale XXIV. Blocks the effectiveness of your opponent's reduction Skills by up to 100%. Increases the amount of BR PTs earned by up to 2x (from 50% to 100% Bonus).
  • Artwork by Yang Mansik.
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