Sword of Fate Holder Zweig


Neotellus had already been captured by the enraged forces of the Shadow King. Though the divine armies retreated after suffering a terrible defeat, Zweig believed victory was still within reach. In his hand, he grasped the Sword of Fate. The translucent blade had a miraculous power to make an impossible triumph a feat of simplicity.


Added on September 24, 2013 as Final Ranking Reward during Heroes Colosseo IV, altogether 66 Cards:

  • Class S 1-15 (x2), 16-40.
  • Class A 1-10.
  • Class B 1.

Name OriginEdit

Zweig translates from German as "twig" or "branch", derives from Middle High German zwīg "branch, bough, twig, graft", and applied perhaps as a nickname for a thin person.

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