Sveva, Great Tyraness


Sveva could not comprehend why everyone regarded her as "fearsome." She admired all things lovely and graceful, but, despite her appearance, she possessed the strength to wrest power from her overlord of a father. As her subjects brought armloads of books to educate her on the particulars of her newly obtained rule, she sighed in disinterest. Had she known such a responsibility would have consumed all of her time for leisure, she never would have attained it.


Added on April 29, 2015 as a part of Master of Fate 13 BOX Card Pack. Can only be drawn with the UR Exchange Ticket.

Name originEdit

Sveva is a feminine name and it is used mainly in the German and Italian languages; meaning unknown, possibly related to the name of the Germanic tribe of the Suebi or Suevi (a large group of Germanic peoples who were first mentioned by Julius Caesar in connection with Ariovistus' campaign in Gaul, c. 58 BC; the Suebic tribes were very mobile, and not reliant upon agriculture, actually occupied more than half of Germany, and are divided into a number of distinct tribes under distinct names, though all generally are called Suebi).

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