Survival Mediator Ghede


A special ceremony is held on the shortest day of the year in a graveyard where the boundaries between the world of the living and dead are thinnest. Ghede's bones, blood, flesh, and finally skin are summoned from the depths of Hell to the surface. If you wish to exchange death for life once yours has run its course, you must have the resolution to face such a disgusting ordeal.


Added on February 26, 2013. Acquired from using The Sapphire Key during the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Raid Event.

Name OriginEdit

In Haitian Vodou, the Guédé (also spelled Gede or Ghede) are the family of Loa (spirits) that embody the powers of death and fertility. Guédé spirits are known for the drum rhythm and dance called the "banda". In possession, they will drink or rub themselves with a mixture of clairin (raw rum) and twenty-one habanero or goat peppers. Fête Ghede is on November 2, the "Festival of the Dead". All boons granted by the Ghede must be repaid by this date or they will take their vengeance on you.

Additional InfoEdit

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