Sunny Elf Knight Margaret


As the morning dew began gathering, the elf knight Margaret headed into the forest to give the soldiers exhausted from constant fighting a chance to rest. These elves relied on sunlight for energy, making night battles an exhausting undertaking for them. They planned to rest in the forest for some time, but they soon began to sense an imposing presence. Margaret surveyed their surroundings and spotted figures shrouded in the morning mist. They were the shadows of massive men as large as boulders. "Have we been surrounded?!"


From Realm of Survival 12 Card Pack.

Name originEdit

Derived from the Greek word margarites (μαργαρίτης) meaning "pearl."

However, in the Spanish language, the word Margarita means Daisy, and in the Russian language Daisy is translated into Margaritka which may also be another meaning for the name Margaret.

Alternately, it might be of Persian origin, derived from the Persian language marvârid (مروارید), a pearl or daughter of light. The word is related to Marg from Marq or Marka meaning "chicken" (مرغ), probably because pearls looked like small bird eggs.

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