Sun God's Light


When the sun god unleashes his powers, sunlight can pierce through even the thickest clouds. Since ancient times, he has bathed the land in warmth with his immeasurable strength. Yet that did not dissuade the wund god from challenging his might. The sun god could not lose, for it the wind triumphed, the world would be ravaged by bitter cold.


Introduced on February 25, 2014 as a free card to all players as part of the Supernatural card pack, and was gifted to all players who logged in during the Infinite Realms Raid Event.

Additional InfoEdit

Evolve with (Beauty) Journeying Sascha = (Emulation) Sun & Wind's Rivalry

Evolve with (Competition) Wind God's Presence = (Radiance) Cloud-Piercing Sunlight

Evolve with (Icestorm) Freezing Gale = (Tactics) Brilliantly Shining Sun

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