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Stranger In A Strange Land was a Raid Event that ran on iOS servers from September 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM (PST) until October 10, 2012 at 8:00 PM (PST).


Up it came, half-running, half stumbling, and eyes beginning to brim with tears. Ordinarily a mirthful, cheery creature, one look at the satyr's forlorn face made it apparent something was amiss.

"Oh Heroes, my homeland... it's... it's not right! Something's not right! I beg of you... Come and see for yourselves!"

Satyros, as we learned his name was, came from Runevalis, a land teeming with creatures and beastmen great and small, all living peacefully under the sun. That is until recently, according to the satyr, who claimed that the sun had stopped gracing Runevalis...

"I can't be bothered! Count me out of this one," said Yvette as she sat down, crossing her arms petulantly.

The Heroes could only sigh ruefully, promising to come back for Yvette. Duty demanded they not abandon the satyr, after all. With that, the group fell in behind Satyros, following his anxious gait.



Please see the chapter pages for chapter bosses. For raid and random bosses see below.

Stranger In A Strange Land Raid Bosses

iOS individual rewards[]

Final damage ranking rewards[]

Rank Reward
Rank 1-20
Rank 21-50
Rank 51-100
Rank 101-150
Rank 151-200
Rank 201-500
Rank 501-800
Rank 801-2,999
Rank 3,001-7,000
Rank 7,001-9,999
Rank 10,001-14,000
Rank 14,001-19,999
Rank 20,001-30,000
Rank 30,001-49,999
Rank 50,001-80,000

Final lucky rankings[]

Rank Reward
3,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000

Half-time damage ranking rewards[]

These rankings were calculated during maintenance which was scheduled for October 4, 2012 @ 11:30pm (PST), approximately at the half way mark.

Rank Reward
Rank 1-10
Rank 11-50
Rank 51-150
Rank 151-400
Rank 401-1,500
Rank 1,500-5,000
Rank 5,001-20,000
Rank 20,001-40,000

Repel rewards[]

Repels Reward
3 Bosses Repelled
  • 10,000 Coins
10 Bosses Repelled
20 Bosses Repelled
30 Bosses Repelled
40 Bosses Repelled
50 Bosses Repelled
60 Bosses Repelled

iOS guild rewards[]

Damage ranking rewards[]

Rank Reward
Rank 1 - 3

*15,000,000 Individual overall damage required

Rank Reward
Rank 4 - 10

*5,000,000 Individual overall damage required

Rank Reward
Rank 11 - 100

*500,000 individual overall damage required

Rank Reward
Rank 101 - 500
Rank 501 - 1200
Rank 1201 - 2000
Rank 2001 - 3000
Rank 3001 - 4000
Rank 4001 - 5000

*100,000 Individual overall damage required

Repel rewards[]

Repels Reward
50 Bosses Repelled
100 Bosses Repelled
200 Bosses Repelled
500 Bosses Repelled
1,000 Bosses Repelled
1,500 Bosses Repelled
3,000 Bosses Repelled
  • LCP Claim Ticket x1
5,000 Bosses Repelled
  • LCP Claim Ticket x1

*1,000,000 Individual overall damage required

Additional Info[]

  • The Event Name as well as the Chapter Names are all albums and songs from Irish rock band U2.