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This page is dedicated to chronicling the the ongoing storyline of Legend of the Cryptids, and providing players a glimpse into the world of Neotellus.

General synopsis[]

Once upon a time, a fearsome being known as the Shadow King appeared without warning. Feeding on the life force of Neotellus’s inhabitants, the Shadow King began to destroy the animals and the forests, annihilating the land and laying waste to all he saw.

The Cryptids felt threatened with extinction, and courageously confronted the Shadow King. But… Even the famed Cryptids began to be defeated, one by one.

His power was too great. However, the human inhabitants of Neotellus at that time were leading peaceful, ordinary lives.

With a few exceptions…

People’s lives began to be disrupted by harsh and violent storms and other strange occurrences, then a rumor started to spread: He who was first aware of the unusual event banded together with Cryptid allies from across the land to defend Neotellus from the Shadow King’s onslaught.

Those who caught wind of the rumor started to call the one who was first aware of the strange occurrences the Hero of Neotellus.

And the Cryptids also began to realize:

We cannot defeat the king alone. We need someone who will unite the Cryptids with their common goal. This person is Neotellus’s Hero. In the hour of darkness the Hero calls for the beasts, and the beasts call for the hero.

Combining their might, They fight together to confront the Shadow King!

Main characters[]

Story arcs[]

Houses of the Holy[]

Houses of the Holy.PNG

The Hero and his party are ascending the heavens because they have business with the Queen of Light. However, they must first defeat cryptids like the Gatekeeper, Soulseeker Elf, Dark Forest Elf, and Ulfhedinn. As they continue to ascend, they also confront celestial beings like the Carbuncle. Finally, they are confronted by Mastema. Upon her defeat, the Hero continues on his/her journey to meet the queen.

Creatures of the Night[]

Creatures of the Night.PNG

Master of Puppets[]

The Hero and his party arrive at a mansion. As they advance through the floors, they find many odd dolls and mechanical creations. They're confronted by several cryptids trying to stop them from reaching the master of the mansion. Upon reaching the supposed end of the mansion, they meet Love Gynoid who talks about her love for the abandoned dolls (which is probably why they fought for her). After they defeat her, she lets them out of the mansion and their journey there concludes.

(Auther's Note: It's been almost two years since I've seen the storyline, so some details may be wrong; however, the gist of the storyline is there.)

Dead Memories[]

Upon receiving a distress message in a dream, the Hero and his party head to the Underworld in order to rescue a friend of a cryptid. There, they discover that the cryptid's friend, Nosferatu, has had his memories wiped away, and is now being installed as the new king of the Underworld. As the Heroes venture through, they encounter many cryptids looking to oppose them. After dispatching with any resistance, they encounter Focalor, who reveals his insidious plot to install Nosferatu as the new king, in an attempt to use him as a figurehead for his own nefarious purposes. The Heroes manage to defeat Focalor, ending his plan in the process.

Desecration Smile[]

As the Hero and his cryptids venture through the forests of Arboria, they receive a distress message from a tiny sprout. The Black Legion, the army of the dreaded Shadow King, has arrived at the forests and is now laying waste to everything in their path. Yvette, worried about the state of the forests and the well-being of her sisters, urges the Hero and his party to help repel the army. As the Heroes fight their way past the army, they encounter many powerful beings, including Hades, King of the Underworld and his wife Persephone. After a time of continuous fighting, they manage to successfully repel the Black Legion, including Hades and Persephone. Though Arboria suffered much damage, its creatures and Yvette's sisters remained unharmed. Yvette, having rejoined with her sisters for the first time since coming to Arboria, is relieved and filled with joy. Content about the safety of her brethren, she urges to Heroes forward on their journey. As they leave Arboria, Yvette's sisters wish them good luck on their journey, content to entrust Yvette in their hands.


The Cosmic Continuum, a celestial object which has illuminated Neotellus since time immemorial, is destroyed by the Shadow King. In the chaos, the Shadow King unleashes his minions upon Neotellus, hellbent on plunging the world down into the Underworld. Thus, the Gods of the heavens call out to the Heroes and beseech them to help stop the Shadow King's forces and prevent the fall of the world and the heavens themselves. To accomplish this task, the Heroes are forced to gather and collect all the Stellar Fragments they can find in order to restore the Cosmic Continuum. As they go about gathering the fragments, they encounter some of the Shadow King's minions, who are also intent on collecting the fragments before them. Fortunately, the Heroes successfully retrieve all the fragments before Shadow King's forces do. With the Continuum restored, the minions all retreat. With the world and the heavens having been saved, the Heroes are thanked by the Gods for their efforts, and set off on their journey.

Stranger in a Strange Land[]

As the Heroes proceeded with their journey, they were met by a Satyr by the name of Satyros. This normally cheerful creature was fraught with distress, informing the Heroes that something was amiss in his homeland of Runevalis. The sun which normally graced his land had mysteriously disappeared. Though Yvette, anxious to continue on their journey refused to help, the Heroes, acting on their sense of duty, obliged the satyr's request and followed him to Runevalis.

Upon arriving, the Heroes were met with resistance from the normally peaceful denizens of the land. It was obvious that some sort of corruption had taken its toll. Encounters with several creatures, such as the Towering Magmahemoth and the Defiled Ebony Knight, seemed to indicate the work of the Shadow King. Through the defeat of the Ebony Knight, the Heroes were able to locate the source of the corruption and bring the sun's light back to Runevalis. As the corruption cleared and the sun graced the land once more, peace and harmony was once again restored. As the Heroes went back to inform Yvette of their success, they were thanked by Satyros, whose cheerful demeanor returned once again. Thus, the Heroes said their farewells and departed for the next land in their journey.

This is Halloween[]

Yvette and the Heroes had just made a random stop at a nearby town when Yvette noticed something quite peculiar. Despite the near arrival of Halloween, there were no decorations to celebrate its arrival. Yvette set about questioning every person in her sight, undeterred by their meekness. Apparently, the townspeople had avoided putting up decorations for fear of obliteration. From who or what, it was unclear. As well, Yvette had noticed a lack of any pumpkins around. At Yvette's insistence, the Heroes set about bringing the spirit of Halloween back to the townspeople by finding decorations and pumpkins.

As they began their work, they encountered odd creatures lurking about. Many of them were up and about, working to collect and gather pumpkins themselves. Though they resisted the Heroes at first, they eventually revealed that they were working for someone, for who they could not say. As well, the Halloween Reporter Baron, whose duty it was to report to the town the arrival of Halloween, had failed to do so because he had been informed by someone that Halloween had been cancelled. Indeed, someone was trying to halt Halloween's arrival, and the Heroes were more determined to find out who than ever before.

They were soon confronted by the Pumpkin King, who had focused his efforts at gathering all the pumpkins he could find, for he was disgusted by the apparent mutilation of his kind. The Heroes fought and eventually won, gaining valuable information in the process. They learned that the Nightfall Pumpkin Spirit was behind this insidious plot to prevent Halloween's arrival. Knowing what they had to do, they confronted the Pumpkin Spirit. The insidious mastermind revealed his displeasure at what Halloween had become, for rather than being a time of merriment and revelry, the Spirit was intent on showing the true nature of Halloween: death and darkness. And so the Heroes fought.

At the end of the day, victory belonged to the Heroes. The Pumpkin Spirit, bitter and defeated, retreated to the darkness, vowing to return one day to carry out his vengeance in full. And so Halloween once again returned to town, and merriment once again became the topic of the day. The Heroes had assisted in helping to put up the decorations and lay out the pumpkins, and all was well once again. The townspeople thanked Yvette and the Heroes for their efforts, and though the Heroes had business elsewhere, at Yvette's insistence, they decided to take part in the celebrations with the townspeople, and stay for the night.

Soul Crusher[]

Weary from their travels, the Heroes had returned once again to the town they had brought Halloween to from before. However, something was amiss. The townspeople had disappeared, and to the surprise and horror of Yvette, the town was now over run with a horde of zombies! Clearly, some kind of affliction had befallen the town. And so the Heroes set about, looking for the source of the zombie outbreak before Neotellus was completely overrun by zombies.

The Heroes encountered various ghouls and manner of undead, such as a Zombified Nidhogg. Yvette was in shock to learn that even the mighty warrior Surtr had now become afflicted with this foul affliction, wandering about as a member of the undead. The proud warrior, not within his senses, attacked the Heroes, who fell him in self-defense. It soon became apparent however, that there were some who relished the opportunity to gain immortality in this way, such as the Ghoulish Barbarian. Regardless, the Heroes struck down all who stood in the way as they sought out the truth.

They soon discovered that a powerful necromancer was responsible for the affliction ravaging the land. The Lifeless King of the Undead and his companions had set about turning everyone around them into undead in order to raise a powerful army. Though their motives were unclear, the Heroes did not hesitate to battle them with all their power. Through their struggle, the necromancer and his companions were defeated and forced to retreat.

It was soon discovered that a doctor had created a cure for the disease. Upon meeting the doctor, the Heroes began distributing and administering the cure to all those afflicted. Eventually, everyone was cured of the disease. The townspeople thanked Yvette and the Heroes for their efforts in saving them. Knowing that their work was done, the Heroes prepared to set off on their journey once again, but not before taking a well-deserved rest.

Out the Blue[]


Frost Circus[]

A travelling band known as the "Frost Circus" had plunged Neotellus into a deep freeze which swept the land. They had taken displeasure at the unseasonably warm weather, and wanted to remind Neotellans of the true bitter cold of wintertide. Yvette, knowing the impact which the cold would have, urged the Heroes to confront and defeat the Frost Circus to bring nature back in balance.

And so the Heroes journeyed through the cold and up the peaks of a large mountain, they encountered staunch resistance from the creatures of the mountainside. It soon became apparent that not everyone was in favor of stopping the cold, for the deep freeze had allowed many denizens of the mountain to thrive once again. Though the Heroes acknowledged their right to survival, they still set upon their goal of unfreezing Neotellus.

As they marched up the mountain, they encountered Haagenti, Highlord of Hell. Though the demon brought up a staunch resistance, the Heroes were eventually able to defeat him and learn the location of Iceman the leader of the Frost Circus. And so they confronted their leader, who revealed his plan to coat the entire world in ice so that he could rule over it and make it his domain, with Haagenti ruling Hell beside him. The two sides fought, with the Heroes eventually coming out on top. With his defeat, Iceman's spell was undone and warmth soon returned to Neotellus.

As the snow and ice melted, the creatures of the mountain soon took refuge in the deep inner recesses of the mountain. Though the Heroes sympathized for them, they knew this was the best for all the inhabitants of Neotellus. And so, as the Heroes made their way down the mountain, they resolved themselves and set upon their journey once again.

Last Christmas[]

It was Christmas in Neotellus, and the Heroes had just arrived at Northern Town to take part in the celebrations. However, upon entering, Yvette noticed that no decorations had been put up. Upon further questioning of the townsfolk, it seemed that no one was in any particular mood to celebrate. Additionally, rumors circulated that Santa Claus was missing, which possibly explained why Christmas wasn't coming. Not wanting the holidays to arrive any later, Yvette and the Heroes set out to look for him.

As they began their search, they encountered strange resistance from some of the local creatures. None of them seemed to know where Santa was, and some of them seemed to be intentionally trying to stop the Heroes from finding him. Even more peculiar, there seemed to be some who were trying to take Santa's place, such as the Christmas Winter Goblin. As the Heroes got closer to the truth of Santa's disappearance, they encountered stronger resistance, culminating in their encounter and battle with the Holy Santarem Commander, one of the guardians of Santa and Christmas. Amidst the fighting and confusion, Santa suddenly shows up and reveals his existence. The townspeople also appear as well. Confused, the Yvette and the Heroes listen to the truth from the townsfolk.

Sometime last Christmas, as Santa was making preparations for the holidays, he accidentally murmured an ill-attempt at humor when he stated that he wished to relax and receive presents from himself, a joke which the townspeople had heard. Wanting to give Santa a break at least once, they resolved to take over the preparations for the next Christmas holiday in place of Santa, and had tried to protect Santa at all costs.

Santa immediately apologized to everyone for making them worry, but stated that this Christmas was his happiest in a long while. And so, he rings the bells to signal his reindeer to come, while the stars overhead begin to glimmer. Christmas trees and lights began to shimmer, signalling the true arrival of Christmas. As Santa begins to set off, he wishes everyone a merry Christmas. Satisfied, Yvette and the Heroes begin to take part in the revelry themselves.

From Genesis To Revelation[]

The Gnosis Comet had made its annual arrival to Neotellus to welcome in the New Year, but upon examination by Yvette, it had become clear that the comet was behaving abnormally. Upon a closer look, it had become apparent that the Gods of Creation, who ride the comet as it passes every year, had become corrupted by the Shadow King. In order to stop the comet's impending collision with Neotellus, the Heroes made their way up to the comet to stop the gods and free them from the Shadow King's influence.

There, they encountered many of the Shadow King's henchmen. The Heroes soon encountered the Gods of Creation themselves, and were forced to stop fight them in order to free them from the Shadow King's corruption. While gods such as Originator Magician Simon were released, their encounter with Vicious Warlord Archon revealed that not all of the gods had been possessed. The god of war had intentionally sided with the Shadow King for promises of power. He would eventually be defeated in combat, leaving the Heroes with the task of defeating The Creator Demiurage and bringing him to his senses. Their battle with him did not free him, for it was soon discovered that Demiurge too had sided with the Shadow King.

Thanks to Simon's help, a magical barrier was created over the comet's entirety, purifying the corruption on the comet and freeing the rest of the gods form the Shadow King's influence. Archen and Demiurage had disappeared however, and were never seen again. Having accomplished their goal despite this, the Heroes and Yvette took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the New Year anyway.

From Underneath The Ice[]

The Heroes had received a plea of help from a messenger of Ice Prince Aegir. His wife Ran, who previously had been a mermaid living in the frozen Northern Seas, was no longer able to go back into the seas. Since then, monsters had begun filling the seas. In order to cure Ran of her ailment, the Heroes were charged with the collection of the Flame Stones.

As they set about on their task, they encountered various monsters and denizens of the sea who were also interested in collecting the stones for their own purposes. After several encounters and fights, they managed to gather enough stones to cure Ran of her illness. As Ran recovered, she was able to combine her powers with Prince Aegir and repel the monsters away from the seas. As peace returned to the Northern Seas, the Heroes left and continued on their journey.

Weather Report[]

The Heroes had arrived to the town of Polmos to celebrate Groundhog Day and meet the famous groundhog, Phil. However, they soon found out that Phil had run away into the forests. The Heroes assisted the townspeople in locating him, but soon found Phil rampaging through town as a giant groundhog. Attempts to reason with him failed, as he had been driven into a blind rage.

As the Heroes set out to find the cause, they encountered various demons of the Shadow King, who the Heroes speculated was behind Phil's rampage. As they fought the demons, interrogating them as they came, they encountered the Bleak Angel Beatrice, who was the protector of the region. It soon became clear to Yvette and the Heroes that she was also being controlled by the Shadow King. The Heroes fought Beatrice, incapacitating her in the process. They were eventually able to defeat and ward off all of the Shadow King's forces. With his influence gone from the area, Phil returned to his normal size and Beatrice returned to her senses.

Phil explained his story to the Heroes, detailing his affection for another groundhog and his attempts to escape town in an effort to woo her, as well as the forest cryptids and their assistance in his escape. However, Phil had encountered a demon who offered him his power to help win his love. Phil accepted in desperation, but found himself becoming a giant instead. Beatrice had been unable to ward off the demon, due to the Shadow King's influence, and had allowed her heart to become twisted in her shame and despair.

With things finally normal, everyone proceeded to celebrate Groundhog Day. Phil prepared to announce his forecast for the coming spring, as well as his proposal to his sweetheart, and the Heroes enjoyed themselves in the warm spring sun.

My Bloody Valentine[]

In the land of Interamna, a land known for the cultivation of roses, an amusement park called Castle Valentine Park had opened up, advertising as a paradise of magic and reams for couples. Curious to see the park, Yvette steered the Heroes to Interamna. Upon arriving, they heard rumors of the park becoming a place of bloodshed, prompting them to investigate.

There they encountered various cryptids and people who were there trying to find happiness and romance. They also encountered various moving chocolate monsters, who were intent on slaughtering all those they encountered. The Heroes moved through the castle, trying to gather information from who they could and fighting off the chocolate monsters as they came. Eventually, they learned that the castle and the monsters were the work of the Rose Queen, a powerful sorceress who was using her powers to destroy all those who celebrated love. When they confronted the Rose Queen in an attempt to stop her, they learned of her unrequited love for St. Valentine, and her desperate attempts to gain his love and attention by destroying everything which he stood for. After a lengthy struggle, they defeated her.

With her powers weakened, the castle began to fall apart. This prompted the Heroes to help gather everyone to the safety of the Interamna courtyard. There, they watched as the castle slowly disappeared and vanished. Only the Rose Queen remained, who in defeat and bitterness slowly walked off back into the forests she came from. Yvette remarked in pity at the Rose Queen's predicament before noticing a young couple proposing their love to one another in the rose garden. While Yvette was interested in the unfolding drama, the Heroes moved on to the next part of their journey knowing that peace had been restored.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road[]

The Heroes while travelling received a message from a convoy from the Emerald City in the land of Oz. They had been requested by the king to aid in protecting the city from the Witch of the North, who intended to gain the power sleeping beneath Emerald City. Additionally, the Witch of the West had allied with the north witch, turning Princess Ozma into stone. Knowing what needed to be done, the Heroes made their way to Emerald City.

Upon arriving, they discovered that most had evacuated, leaving only the Underground Gnome Soldiers in the city streets. Upon several conflicts due to misunderstandings, they were eventually able learn of the north witch's location. As they headed toward the witch, fighting off frenzied Fighting Trees in the process, they eventually encountered Glinda, Witch of the South, and the Wizard of Oz. Agreeing to join forces, they made their way to the Witch of the North.

Upon meeting the witch, they encountered Sorcerer of Hades Erebus. They soon learned that Erebus had been manipulating the Witch of the North into attacking Emerald City so that she could obtain the power underneath the city herself. After a lengthy battle, they were able to repel Erebus and the north witch, driving them out of the city, thanks to the powers of Glinda and the Wizard. With the king no where to be found, the Heroes leave the city in the hands of the Wizard, who vows to use his magic to undue the curse on Ozma as well.

The Devil's Dance Floor[]

Weary form their journey, the Heroes decided to settle in a small village near the Clover Kingdom. While resting, Yvette recounted the legend of some kind of treasure said to grant the power to rule the world, and the world war which engulfed Neotellus for possession of the treasure. The treasure would eventually be hidden away by St. Patrick, giving up his own life in the process. A parade was held in Clover Kingdom, the birthplace of Patrick, every year to mark the event. As Yvette continued, the Heroes noticed a horde of Cryptids coming from the Forest of Fear, the realm of the Dark Lord, and heading towards the kingdom. Suspecting that something was amiss, they went to investigate.

They soon got into battles with many of the Cryptids, who upon questioning seemed to be acting on behalf of the Dark Lord, who had moved in and taken command of the forest after the fall of the Dark Sorceress Erebus. As they moved, they soon met the Clover King, who had been twisted from the Dark Sorceress' influence, and was now intent on trying to find the lost treasure. Upon defeating him, it soon became clear that the Dark Lord was intent on finding the treasure as well. They resolved to find the treasure themselves before the Dark Lord could, and seal it in the grave of St. Patrick forever.

Upon finding it in the castle, they made their way over to the grave. Upon arriving, they encountered a magical barrier set up by Patrick before his death. Since the barrier prevented the Heroes themselves from entering, they searched around for a way in. However, the Dark Lord had arrived to take the treasure from the Heroes. They doggedly fought off the Dark Lord while trying to find the entrance into the grave. As they stalled for time, they were soon assisted by the Front Line Crusader, who helped them drive the Dark Lord into a corner. However, the Crusader had been injured during the battle, and before he was finished off by the Dark Lord, he pulled out a holy orb which resurrected St. Patrick. Using his powers, Patrick destroyed the Dark Lord once and for all before disappearing again for the last time. With that, the Heroes left the treasure in Patick's grave where it would be protected by the barrier, further reinforced by the orb, around his grave forever.

The Clover King was distraught from being manipulated by the Dark Sorceress, and spent the next few weeks recuperating with the aim of making amends. However, the Queen suggested that it would be a good time for the Princess to act on his behalf, since it would prepare her for the role in the future. With peace restored, the Heroes set off onto their journey.

The Candy Man[]

As the Heroes made their way into the forests of Darmas, they noticed a horde of woodland creatures leaving the forest. One of them ran past the Heroes, notifying them of the arrival of Eubleus the Destructive from Hades, who was intent stopping the yearly arrival of Eostre, Goddess of Spring. In doing so, Eubleus would prevent spring's arrival, turning Neotellus into a barren planet. Upon Yvette's urging, the Heroes went into the forests to stop Eubleus' zombie army.

There, they encountered many creatures of the forest who were intent on impeding the Heroes' progress. Some of them, such as Forest Chieftain Calist, had become tainted by Eubleus and had agreed to prevent Eostre's arrival in exchange for power. As they battled their way through the forests, they encountered Judtih, a fallen angel who had met an untimely end but had now been resurrected. She too was intent on stopping Eostre's arrival, prompting the Heroes to fight her. They soon learned that she had been brought back to life by Ella, Spirit of Life, who they surmised was likely working for Eubleus as well. As they made their way to Ella, they found many more denizens of the forest who had been resurrected by Ella as part of Eubleus' army.

Soon, they encountered Ella herself. Upon battling and defeating her, all the creatures she brought back died once again. With Eubleus' forces weakened, the spirits of the forest awakened Eostre, who's presence brought life back into the forest once again. With Eostre's arrival, Eubleus retreated back to Hades. Knowing that they had successfully brought spring back, the Heroes celebrated playfully with Yvette. After bowing in respect to Eostre, they chased Yvette out of the forest.

Hell or Highwater[]

A massive ark had appeared in the mountainous region of Atatar, right around the same time that a prophet had been trekking across Neotellus warning of some kind of impending doom that the gods were going to bring forward. He spoke of the gods' wrath and their plan to submerge Neotellus in 150 days. This prompted people and cruyptids form all over to board the ark. While the Heroes suspected that this was likely some kind of trap, they entered the ark anyway in order to investigate.

There, they began to notice mysterious disappearances. While some could be attributed to the Submerging Glashtyns, others had no noticeable cause. Upon further investigating the ship, the encountered Hellion Malphas, a demon sent from the Shadow King. Upon defeating it, they gleaned from it the Shadow King's plan to consume everyone on the ark. As they hurriedly made their way throughout the ark to locate the Shadow King, they ran into more of his henchmen, this time in the form of Vince a demon who apparently was taking orders from Shadow Minister Ganymeda, one of the Shadow King's four ministers, who they suspected was likely the one who concocted the whole plan in the first place.

They quickly tried to locate Ganymeda, getting into conflict with some of the ark's staff, who they surmised were likely more of Ganymeda's henchmen. As more were fed to the Shadow King, they encountered Valm, a monstrous parasite who feeds on the bodies of its host, getting stronger in the process. The monster had apparently heard of the Shadow King's plans, and was intent on feeding on the entire ship's denizens before the Shadow King could. The Heroes were able to dispatch it before moving onto the ship's captain, Zed, who had been brought back to life by Ganymeda to assist her in her plan. Upon defeating him, they were soon confronted by Ganymeda herself. The Heroes battled and eventually succeeded in killing the first minister of the Shadow King.

Soon, they noticed that the massive flood seen outside was disappearing, indicating that it was an illusion created by Ganymeda. As they considered everything that had transpired and the Shadow King's daring in trying to consume so many life forms at once, they considered the possibility that the Shadow King was beginning to take the Heroes as a genuine threat. They spent the rest of the ship's voyage resting and recovering from their apparent sea sickness.

One for All, All for One[]

The Heroes had in Lutetia, the largest city in the kingdom of Frenica, to rest from their battle aboard Ganymeda's Ark and take in the sights and sounds. However, they noticed the gloomy expressions on the citizens' faces and were confronted by a fairy who explained everything. King Louis XIII, a once kind and compassionate king, had begun acting strange ever since a mysterious black rain fell on the city, and began enacting unreasonable edicts. The fairy, sensing who they were, requested their Heroes' assistance in the matter, to which they agreed.

As they began searching around the city for clues, they encountered some of the local musketeers who had apparently defected form the guard. After some fights, they were able to gain their trust and learned of the Corrupt Cardinal Richelieu, who was suspected of possibly manipulating the King. They set out to further gain information and soon encountered a beast man who had apparently been a human before becoming a Cryptid. Upon defeating it, they learned of more in the city who had joined the Cardinal's side. They marched across the city, fighting off more of the Cardinal's men and eventually gained the assistance of d'Artagnan, who they initially fought but gained the trust of. They would eventually gain the assistance of the legendary Three Musketeers.

With allies in tow, the Heroes stormed the palace to confront the Cardinal. There, they saw the Cardinal transformed into a shadowy monster, apparently as a result of making a pact with a demon, who was likely the one behind the black rain. The Cardinal had been intent on using his new powers to possess and manipulate King Louis in order to give him reason to depose him as a corrupt ruler and take the crown himself. With the help of the Three Musketeers, they defeated the Cardinal and restored the king to his rightful self. The black rain stopped as well. Everyone there thanked the Heroes for their help, and the Heroes took the opportunity to properly relax in Lutetia.


The Heroes were travelling to the land of Fernaga to investigate the legend regarding the Spring of Life, whose waters are said to cure any illness or injury. As Yvette considered the possibility that the Shadow King might want to gain the spring's power, Tartas, the legendary sentient underground prison, was moving in the direction of Fernaga. Considering the possibility that the Shadow King had sent Tartas, the Heroes grabbed Yvette and headed into the mouth of Tartas in the hopes of stopping its progress.

In the caverns of Tartas, the Heroes moved about to figure out a way to stop the moving dungeon. They encountered many of the dungeon's denizens, including various sentries and guards, which they found had little information to say about the goal of the moving dungeon. Soon, they encountered the warrior Renos, who had also had come to stop Tartas and had mistakenly believed the Heroes to be a threat. After clearing the misunderstanding, Renos decided to leave the task at hand to the Heroes.

As the Heroes continued, they encountered more of the dungeon's denizens before meeting Dark Jailer Aleida. After defeating her in battle, they learned that Nemes was the one controlling Tartas. Intent on stopping her, they searched about before encountering Selona, a mermaid who had been tasked with protecting the springs, and who had come to Tartas to stop its advance. Because Selona too had mistook the Heroes for enemies, they initially fought before clearing the misunderstanding. After agreeing to work together, Selona helped lead them to Nemes.

Upon meeting Nemes, the Heroes and Selona fought with her, eventually learning of her affection for Pain, High God of Tartas. As they backed her into a corner, demanding that she stop the dungeon's movements, she whispered a command to Tartas to change course and move both her and Pain to a location away from the reaches of anyone else. As the dungeon shifted its course, Selona led the Heroes out of the dungeon and to the safety of the Spring of Life. Yvette remarked on Nemes' dedication to Pain, while the Heroes hoped for Nemes and Pain's sake that they found a suitable hiding place to escape the wrath of the Shadow King for disobeying orders.

As the Heroes were already at the springs, Yvette suggested that they relaxed in its waters, to which the Heroes agreed.

God Smack[]

A booming voice declaring the end to the age of the gods had reverberated throughout Neotellus. At the same time, a massive tower came out of the ground in the August Plains. Wanting to investigate the disturbance, the Heroes made their way up the tower to find and defeat its master.

As they ascended the structure, they encountered various creatures and soldiers who appeared to be fighting with denizens of the heavens. Upon meeting and battling Francesc, a prince of the people currently fighting, they learned of their goal of using to tower to reach the heavens in an effort to kill the gods as revenge for cursing his people. Wanting to stop the bloodshed, they continued up the tower, battling several more of the August soldiers in the process, such as Diego. After traversing many steps, they eventually reached the top and were greeted by Babel.

There, they received the full history of the tower. Long ago, Nimrod the Heroic, a king of the people of August, had built the tower as a symbol of humanity and its right to be equal with the gods. Because Nimrod used warfare as a way of equal status, he and his people were labeled as criminals by the gods. After being betrayed and killed by one of his own, the remaining people fled back down the sinking tower and underground where their rage accumulated and filled the walls of the tower. After years of repressed anger and performing dark rituals to fill the tower with magical energy, the tower took on a life of its own and rose back up into the heavens, beginning the age old conflict yet again. Babel happened to be a manifestation of the tower, and was leading the war against the gods.

However, Babel was losing despite his best efforts. As the end drew near for the people of August, the tower began to collapse. The Heroes, knowing that there wasn't anything they could do, hurriedly made their way down the tower and out of harm's way before the tower completely fell.

Fight Fire With Fire[]

Mt. Vakk, a long dormant volcano, had erupted out of the blue, burning forests and forcing people out of their homes. As Yvette questioned why the volcano erupted after being dormant for so long, she recalled the story of a master dragon living in Gharmund Castle who wielded a legendary sword called the Firedrake, which kept the volcano from erupting. With this in mind, the Heroes made their way to the center of the volcano's caverns where they found the castle floating above the lava. Yvette quickly flew into the castle, with the Heroes following after her.

There, they encountered a mysterious goblin bearing a mystical orb. The orb possessed some kind of power which gave the goblin formidable strength. Upon dispatching it, they learned that it had received the orb from someone named Samuel. With this in mind, they explored the castle hoping to locate the individual. They soon met a fallen angel who seemed to possess some of the flame dragon's scales. After dispatching the angel, they learned that it was working for Erwin, a powerful arbitrator to the heavens. Erwin's army had invaded the castle to find the Firedrake, and the fallen angel had dealt the finishing blow to the fire dragon. Before the dragon died, it had broken the Firedrake into pieces and sealed it away in its scales, which it scattered about the castle.

After retrieving some of the scales from the angel, they hurried throughout the castle to find the rest of the scales. They eventually encountered some of the castles inhabitants, such as the Crimson Guard and Iva of the Flamewood, who mistook the Heroes for Erwin's minions. They even encountered a traveler who had come looking for adventure and had instead become assaulted by Erwin's army. After several heated battles, the Heroes managed to convince them each of them that they were acting in their best interests. The Heroes continued to gather more scales before encountering various monsters who seemed to be working for Samuel. One of them seemed to possess another magical orb, similar to the one the goblin from earlier had.

Despite many battles, the Heroes continued to press on, gathering scales when they could. After gathering many scales, they encountered Samuel himself, who revealed himself as a minion working for the Shadow King. His goal was apparently to destroy the castle and everything in it. The Heroes fought the demon through a series of battles before eventually defeating it. Without time to rest however, the Heroes encountered Erwin himself who had come to claim the Firedrake. Backed into a corner, the Heroes were assisted by a Lava Dragon, an offspring of the flame dragon, rising out of the magma. The newly spawned dragon defeated Erwin once and for all, sending his minions back.

Having now gathered all the scales, the seal on them was broken and all the fragments of the Firedrake came together to once again form the legendary sword. As the Heroes ruminated on the sacrifice of the flame dragon, they knew that the sword and the castle were in good hands thanks to the lava dragon. Now that the castle's rightful heir had returned, the Heroes made their way out of the castle, watching as it began to submerge back into the lava. As they made their way to the cave mouth, they vowed to themselves to become stronger as the image of the lava dragon flashed in their minds.

Never Never Land[]

As the Heroes wandered through some thick forests, they eventually realized that they had become lost. After calming Yvette down, the Heroes surveyed their surroundings before encountering a horde of fairies flying through the forests. Yvette soon realized that they were now in Neverland, the fabled land where things never grew old. However, upon seeing the wilted trees, Yvette realized that something was wrong with the flow of time in Neverland. They decided to investigate the cause of this disturbance.

They soon met some of the inhabitants of Neverland, and realized that they had come under the corruptive influence of the Shadow King. After several battles with them, they searched for a way to undo the Shadow King's hold on Neverland. They soon encountered Ersilia, a pirate who seemed to not be corrupted yet. Though misunderstandings led to the Heroes battling her at first, they soon realized that they were on the same side. Ersilia informed them that the legendary Captain Hook had joined forces with the Shadow King and was now ransacking the land. They quickly hurried to find a way to stop the Shadow King's forces.

They soon found Peter Pan, who had also become corrupted by his own shadow, which in turn was corrupted by the Shadow King. Since they couldn't do anything for him, they continued until they eventually encountered Dino, a powerful genie who they suspected was working for one of the Shadow King's ministers. As they battled, the Heroes managed to overcome Dino, whose defeat restored the flow of time in Neverland back to its original state. The Shadow King's forces soon retreated, and the corruption in the land vanished. Peter's sanity had been restored by Tinkerbell, whose pleas allowed the goodness in Peter's heart to overcome his shadow.

Though successful, the Heroes lamented allowing the true masterminds to escape. Yvette reassured them that they would find those responsible, steeled her resolve in the process. To celebrate, Tinkerbell invited the Heroes to a party in their honor, to which they agreed.

Wicked World[]

Swarms of monsters had were appearing all over Neotellus. As the Heroes searched about to find the source, they eventually arrived at an old, abandoned sanctuary where they discovered a strange purple portal, from which the monsters seemed to be coming from. Yvette hypothesized that this was a crack in the boundary of Neotellus, prompting the Heroes to enter to find the cause.

There, they found themselves in what appeared to be an alternate dimension. They went about exploring the world, encountering various creatures along the way. As they battled their way through, picking up clues along the way, they eventually learned from a Vanguard Headhunter after defeating her that Esperanza was the culprit behind the portal. Thus, they searched about for her, eventually encountering Grato, one of the Shadow King's elite personal guard. Knowing that the Shadow King was likely the true mastermind behind this, they battle Grato, eventually learning from him that Esperanza had acquired from the Shadow King a powerful sword known as the Dimension Blade.

They eventually encountered Esperanza, prompting a long struggle against her. After considerable effort, they were able to defeat her, taking the Dimension Blade from her in the process. Victorious, the Heroes were visited by Interrealm King Adalbert, the king of this dimension. Adalbert offered the Heroes a helping hand by using his Dimension Locks to seal the rift. Upon doing so, the Heroes bowed to the king as a show of gratitude, although Adalbert indicated his own desire to see the rift sealed.

Arriving back into Neotellus, Yvette asleep on one of their shoulders after a long fight, the Heroes looked back at all of their previous encounters with the Shadow King's forces, and how they thwarted him time and again. They speculated the possibility that this might eventually culminate in a massive battle with the Shadow King in the future, although they hoped that their worries were unfounded.

Fathoms Below[]

The Heroes had arrived at the beach to allow Yvette to frolic and enjoy the summer weather. However, it soon became apparent that something was not right. The fish in the sea were swimming erratically in fear. As the Heroes moved up the coastline to investigate, they soon found a mermaid lying collapsed near the water. They learned that she was from an underwater merfolk kingdom, which had just been attacked by a powerful neighboring kingdom, despite the two kingdoms enjoying friendly relations for years prior. With her dying breath, the mermaid urged the Heroes to help save her kingdom from destruction, giving them a gold fish scale before dying. After putting her body back into the ocean as a show of respect, the Heroes resolved to save the kingdom and headed below, letting the scale guide them to its location.

As they made their way there, the Heroes encountered a malicious demon which seemed to be acting on the will of a powerful sorceress. After defeating it, they learned that it had been tasked with finding the mermaid princess of the Undersea Kingdom. Fearing for her safety, the Heroes hurried toward the kingdom. Upon arriving, they found it under siege by the neighboring kingdom's forces. As they searched about in the ruins, they encountered a massive sea monster which they soon learned was actually Eriberto, the lord of the Undersea Kingdom. He had been transformed by a sorceress, likely the same one ordering the demon from before, and was now rampaging and destroying the kingdom. The Heroes fought Eriberto, trying to help him regain his senses. Despite their best efforts, they were forced to subdue him to prevent any more chaos. With his last dying words, he urged the Heroes to protect his daughter and princess, Elin.

The Heroes continued their search for the princess throughout the ruins. By chance, they encoutered Guardian Seadragon Kustavi, a powerful dragon who's duty was to protect the Undersea Kingdom from invaders. However, the dragon was enraged and mistook the Heroes for foes. After a lengthy battle, they managed to convince Kustavi that they were allies, and learned of Kustavi's anger and shame at letting the invaders attack the kingdom so easily. When asked if he had seen Elin, Kustavi seemed to have no clue. As the Heroes continued to search, they soon ran into a large army which was now beating back the intruders. The leader of this force was Elsa, the princess of the neighboring kingdom. She informed the Heroes of the true mastermind behind the invasion, the sorceress Amada, who had used her magic to manipulate the two kingdoms into an all out conflict and had even cursed the merfolk and turned many of them into monsters.

The Heroes agreed to assist Elsa in bringing down Amada. As they fought Amada's army, they soon found Amada herself. Elsa and the Heroes engaged in a lengthy battle with Amada before incapacitating her. When they asked her why she had done what she did, she revealed that it was personal pleasure and an order from another that drove her. Before she could fully explain, Elsa drove her sword into Amada's chest, killing her. Elsa then fully revealed the truth to the Heroes.

Elsa had fallen in love with Prince Egeo, and had request Amada to help her kill Elin, his lover. Soon regretting her decision, Elsa had instead decided to assist Elin. The mournful Elsa apologized to the Heroes for the trouble she had caused. Yvette was enraged after hearing her story, and reprimanded the princess for the damage she had caused. And even after the chaos had died down, no one was able to locate Elin. Feeling that they could no more, the Heroes grabbed Yvette and made their way to the surface, leaving Elsa behind.

Castle in the Sky[]

A massive horde of monsters had appeared and blanketed the sky, blocking out the sun in the process. Preparing themselves for a fatal struggle, they flew into the air, with the help of their cryptids, in order to find the source of the monsters. As they battled their way through the hordes, they eventually found a gigantic floating castle in the sky. Seeing the never ending stream of monsters flying from it, decided to head to the castle's entrance to begin investigating.

There, they encountered various creatures hoping to impede there progress, as well as the guards of the castle. They eventually encountered a female sorceress named Axelina, who had been staying at the castle as a guest. Though she initially attacked them at first, she eventually revealed to the Heroes that the castle belonged to a giant king named Kyosti, and that he was now under the control of a powerful sorceress named Irene. It was likely that she was the one creating all the monsters which were now attacking Neotellus.

Knowing that they would need to defeat Irene, they continued through the castle in the hopes of finding her. As they searched, the found more of Irene's summoned monsters, some of which were grotesque and twisting with anguish. Some of her other minions had also arrived to stop the Heroes as well. Eventually, they encountered Kyosti. Though they tried to reach him with reason, he attacked them, forcing them to defeat him first before they could battle Irene. After a series of struggles, they managed to subdue him before being on their way.

They soon encountered Sylvia, a female knight who was leading an army of knights to storm the castle in order to defeat Irene. The Heroes agreed to team up with her to help stop the monsters. As they fought their way through, they eventually encountered Irene herself. The Heroes battled Irene, and with the help of Sylvia, were able to defeat her, ending the never ending stream of monsters. Sylvia revealed to the Heroes that she was in fact Irene's sister, and that Irene had been spurned by the gods and forced into exile. With no where to turn to, she joined the Shadow King's side and became one of his ministers.

Sylvia went up to Irene, who was now moved to tears, and apologized to Irene, expressing regret that she wasn't able to be by her sister's side to support and defend her after being ostracized by the gods, and took responsibility for allowing Irene to become corrupted by the Shadow King. Irene, with her last words, thanked Sylvia for her love and absolved her of her guilt, expressing regret that things had reached this point. Irene now dead, the Heroes comforted Sylvia, with Yvette assuring Sylvia that none of this was her fault, and that her sister likely loved and cared for her even until the end. Sylvia thanked them for their support.

The Jolly Roger[]

Hearing of attacks made at several harbors, and the return of the pirate king being responsible, they traveled to the port town of Sonandros to investigate. There, they encountered a group of notorious pirates who were readying themselves to challenge the legendary pirate king. Though the Heroes were skeptical, Yvette suggested allying themselves with the pirates to help stop the pirate king. As Yvette approached them, the Heroes readying themselves for a fight, they soon found Yvette engaging in a cheerful conversation with them. When Yvette returned, she informed them that they were invited to come aboard with the pirates. Before they could thank her, they soon heard people shouting that the pirate king was attacking the town. The Heroes readied themselves for a battle to protect the town.

They encountered various monsters, such as a treasure chest monster, as well as other pirates looking to challenge the pirate king also, such as the pirate Bartholomew. They eventually encountered Drake, a commodore in charge of the local navy. Though they tried to enlist his help, he mistook them for common pirates, resulting in a series of lengthy battles. Eventually, Drake relented and the Heroes were able to convince him of their status as the Heroes. Drake would promptly apologize for the trouble he caused, and banded together with the Heroes to chase the pirate king, Captain Kidd, and defeat him.

Once they encountered Kidd, the Heroes battled together with Drake and the other pirates, and through a lengthy battle were able to defeat him. Upon inspecting the black ship of Kidd, Yvette noticed a horde of treasure. She begged the Heroes to let her keep the treasure, filling her head with grand delusions of wealth and luxury. Before they could decide, an evil god had come down from the sky and sent the ship sinking down into the bottom of the ocean. The Heroes enlisted the help of the pirates and eventually defeated the god, but the treasure was now forever gone.

Yvette was devastated at losing the treasure. Though the Heroes felt for her, they knew that the treasure didn't belong to them, and that any attempts to smuggle it would later be thwarted by Drake, who would likely confiscate it anyway. Drake mused to himself that the evil god must have resurrected Captain Kidd, to which the Heroes agreed, although they could only speculate as to what the true purpose of the god might have been. Though Yvette was sullen, she immediately perked up when Drake told them that he would send them a reward for their help later on.

The Time Warp[]

A sinister fog had engulfed all of Neotellus, including the skies, sea and land. Many of the weaker cryptids, as well as many humans, began to succumb to illness due to the fog, including Yvette. She had grown so weak, she needed to rely on the shoulder of one of the Heroes. Coinciding with the fog, word began to spread that the Shadow King had appeared, with his dark army laying waste to many kingdoms. As a result, many of the inhabitants of Neotellus, from gods to elves, humans, and spirits, banded together to mount a counter-offensive against this threat.

As this was happening, an emissary from the gods greeted the Heroes and requested their help. The gods had discovered the whereabouts of the Shadow King, as well as his remaining two ministers. Their plan was to deal with the minsiters first, then they would embue the inhabitants of Neotellus with divine strength and launch an all out attack on the Shadow King to end his threat once and for all. The Heroes would be the ones to take care of the ministers. Though Yvette was suspicious at timing of the events, and how the gods were able to locate the Shadow King and his ministers so easily, the Heroes decided to risk it and go with the plan anyway, hoping to relieve Yvette of her suffering as soon as possible. Their destination would be a dark space-time rift, which they accessed thanks to the power of the dimensional blade they had acquired earlier. They arrived in the middle of a field, swung the blade, and entered the void ready to face the last two ministers, Lorentz and Welina.

Upon arriving in this new dimension, they were greeted by a lush landscape very much reminiscent of Neotellus before it had been afflicted by the fog. Due to the absence of the fog, Yvette was able to slowly regain her strength. Regardless, the Heroes hastened themselves in order to quickly defeat the last ministers. Soon, they encountered a mysterious sage, and went into battle with it. Though it had attacked them, it became apparent to the Heroes that it was not malicious and instead appeared to be testing the Heroes. Upon defeating it, the sage became satisfied with their strength and informed them of Lorentz's whereabouts in the dimension, entrusting them with his faith.

As they Heroes made their way to Lorentz, they encountered a demonic creature who Lorentz had captured previously and was now looking for him in order to get his revenge. The creature treated the Heroes as enemies, forcing a series of battle before the Heroes managed to subdue him. They soon encountered an army of mechanized soldiers, likely guards from another world. They had forgotten their purpose and where they came from, and were now under Lorentz's control. The Heroes were thus forced to battle them in order to reach their goal.

They were soon confronted by Amen, a powerful demon lord with the power to traverse dimensions, and who had sided with Lorentz, necessitating a battle with the Heroes. Through a series of intense battles, the Heroes were able to subdue him. Soon, they encountered several more foes, including a power obsessed goblin looking to test his might against the Heroes, and Amato, a powerful demon born from the rift Lorentz had created. With each foe, the Heroes overcame and subdued them before finally arriving at their destination, meeting a half human half demon by the name of Edith along the way.

With Edith by their side, the Heroes engaged in a lengthy battle with Lorentz and Welina. The battle forced the Heroes to push past their limits in order to defeat the ministers, with their foes matching them blow for flow. Fueled by their drive to protect Yvette, as well as with Edith's help, they were able to kill both ministers. With Edith helping them get onto their feet, they soon noticed the dimension around them fading and being replaced with the prairies they had come from. Upon arriving back, Yvette became pale as she pointed to the corpses of Welina and Lorentz. The Heroes noticed that they had vanished, and considered the possibility that they were not dead. The Heroes and Edith engaged in battle stances, ready to protect Yvette and as they looked around themselves in confusion as to whether they were still in the dimension or not.

Yvette reprimanded the Heroes for falling into a trap, although both were sure that the ministers' defeat had been genuine. As they all pondered the meaning of these recent chain of events, including them obtaining the dimension blade, their victory of the ministers, and their chance meeting with Edith, they considered that someone had set them up to defeat the ministers intentionally. Not wanting to wait around forever, they used the dimensional blade to open a portal back to Neotellus. Upon arriving, the realized that the fog had not dissipated and in fact had gotten worse. Not fully realizing the gravity of the situation, they all headed to a nearby village, unaware of the fact that the heavenly forces had been defeated.

Starless and Bible Black[]

Upon leaving Lorentz's dimension, they learned of the Shadow King's victory over the army of the gods. The situation had grown helpless, with most of the denizens of Neotellus ready to accept their impending demise. Left with no other choice, the Heroes and Yvette agreed that they needed to confront the Shadow King and defeat him once and for all. Thus, they marched to the Shadow King's land.

Upon arriving, Yvette was startled at how serene and beautiful the landscape looked, and couldn't believe that the scene they were witnessing belonged to the Shadow King's realm. Yet despite the beauty of the landscape, they could sense the presence of the Shadow King nearby, which made their hair stand on end. Yvette slapped her cheeks to raise her morale, and immediately shouted at the Heroes to inspire them to victory. The Heroes responded by pounding on their chests to reassure her of their victory. Yvette told them to not worry about strategy, and to simply display to the Shadow King the power of their courage. With this, she and the Heroes began their trek through the realm ready to take on the Shadow King.

As they journeyed to their desitnaiton, they encountered various creatures, some of which had become corrupted by the Shadow King's influence. As they battled and defeated them, they soon noticed something amiss as they had begun to sense the presence's of Lorentz and Welina. This did not sit right with the Heroes, who suspected that the ministers had likely been resurrected by the Shadow King. As they marched forward, they eventually encountered Ganymeda. The Heroes fought with the newly resurrected minister, who taunted them all the while. They would eventually defeat her, but this necessitated a battle with Irene, who still expressed regret at having battled her sister previously. After defeating her, Welina and Lorentz would follow, both of whom taunted and derided the Heroes' efforts all the while.

The Heroes eventually arrived at the Shadow King's location. There, they began a long battle with their long time foe. Throughout the lengthy struggle, the Heroes expended all of their might and strength to defeat the Shadow King, Soon, cryptids from all over Neotellus began to show up in order to lend the Heroes their strength. Soon, a torrent of energy erupted form the Shadow King, pushing them all back. The Heroes shielded Yvette with their bodies, taking a beating from the violent windstorm. With the combined efforts of all the cryptids, the Heroes dealt a finishing blow to the Shadow King. With that, a mysterious jet black sphere appeared before them. Having used up all their strength, the Heroes could only stare in horror at the "Thing" that was in front of them. The Heroes now realized that everything that had transpired up until then, the defeat of the ministers and the Shadow King, and their possession of the Dimension Blade, was all a plot devised by the Thing.

Knowing that the survival of Neotellus rested on defeating the Thing, the Heroes summoned all of their remaining strength and energy to confront the Thing. With Yvette supporting them from behind, one of the Heroes managed to walk right in front of the sphere. Lifting the Dimension Blade up, he swung down at the black sphere. With that, they all heard the cries of a baby coming from the sphere, which sent chills down their spines. As they began to realize that the Thing was alive, a violent force shook them. Yvette's voice was the last thing they heard before everything went to black.

The Beginning of the End[]

When the Heroes came to, they surveyed their surroundings, only to discover that the land around them had been reduced to a barren wasteland. Yvette came to help them up as they gathered their strength. Even at that moment, they still remembered the cries of a baby, and could only shudder in horror. Knowing it was pointless to ruminate on it, they journeyed across the wasteland to see if they could find any survivors. Unsurprisingly, most of the cryptids had been wiped out, and humanity was now on the verge of extinction. Not knowing what to do, they decided to continue journeying in order to see if they could assist any survivors that were left.

They soon discovered to their horror that the land now belonged to demons, who were terrorizing any humans they came upon. The Heroes battled with any demons they came across in order to help the remaining survivors. They eventually came upon the restless spirits of the dead, who were no longer able to go to heaven or hell, and eventually met and battled with the Ghost King of Hades, who led a massive spirit army against the surface world. Through a series of battles, the Heroes managed to defeat him.

As they continued their march, they encountered Hugo, a demon who was leading an army from Hades into Neotellus in order to raze and destroy it. Though it required much effort on their part, the Heroes managed to defeat Hugo and learned that his master, a powerful demon from Hades named Demogorgon, was leading an army of demons with the goal of destroying Neotellus. Learning this, the Heroes quickly began their search for the demon lord.

They soon encountered a mysterious group of shrouded men, who were slaughtering any humans they encountered. Upon defeating them, they learned of a mysterious organization known as "The Circle". The motive of this organization was unknown, but it had been created after the birth of the baby from the Thing. Though they knew that they could not be trusted, they focused their attention on defeating Demogorgon. As they continued their journey, they encountered more demons looking to rid the world of humans, defeating them as they came across them. They eventually came across a mysterious demon named Vadim, who had been created by the Circle in order to kill both the Heroes and Demogorgon. After a series of battles, they managed to subdue their foe and obtained the location of Demogorgon.

Upon meeting with the lord of darkness, the Heroes began a ferocious battle with him. Demogorgon taunted them, reiterating that the world had already ended and that the people were headed for extinction. Regardless, the Heroes reaffirmed their resolve to protect what was left of the world, and those that still lived. With all their strength, the Heroes were able to defeat Demogorgon. The demon lord slumped over, he began to inform the Heroes of the presence of a mysterious organization whose aim was to save the world through death. They concluded that he was talking about the Circle, who they heard about from the mysterious shrouded men from earlier. Apparently, the leader of this group, a man of formidable power, had confronted and battled with Demogorgon earlier. The Heroes knew they likely could not have defeated the dark lord had this man not weakened him.

Having said all he knew, Demogorgon told them to deal with them as they saw fit as he was going to make his way back into the darkness he came from. It would be another millenium or two before he would return, and he hoped that he would be able to see the world again then. Yvette hoped that mankind would be united again by then.

Once the dark lord disappeared, Yvette pointed out a small church in the distant, telling the Heroes that they should rest there as they had likely expended all their energy from the non stop fighting since their battle with the Shadow King. Once they made their way there, the Heroes all began to sleep on the floor of the church.

Echoes of Eternity[]

After wandering the wastelands for a considerable amount of time, the Heroes had found their way into a lush forest. Not being surrounded by nature for a long time, the Heroes took their time to enjoy the scenery as it helped them relax. Suddenly, Yvette let out a startled cry as she saw a fairy sleeping in the trees. Upon examination, Yvette was relieved to see that there was nothing wrong with her. The Heroes watched the sleeping fairy closely, admiring her beauty and the tranquility of the moment, when it eventually woke and became startled by their gazes. After she calmed down, Yvette asked the fairy why she was sleeping the tree. Apparently, an evil being clad in jet-black armor was after the Queen of Light, and as a result she had gone into hiding in a crystal cavern, causing the sun to disappear. Remembering the times when the queen had assisted them, the Heroes promised to help protect the Queen of Light, and began to set out for the crystal cavern.

As the Heroes traveled through the forests, they came upon signs of corruption as some of the creatures began acting abnormally, such as a Crazed Barbarian being ridden by a goblin. The barbarian had always been docile, but had gone into a berserker rage for no apparent reason. After a series of battles, the Heroes were able to subdue the barbarian and return him to his senses, although they could not figure out what had driven him to act this way. As they continued to travel to the crystal cavern, they encountered Callisto, a demon who had been tasked with protecting the forest, but had now gone into a berserker rage similar to the Barbarian. After several battles, they were able to stop its rampage as well, although they still could not figure out why he had acted the way he did.

As they began to travel closer to the cavern, they encountered Rujena. She was one of the protectors of the forest, and was trying to protect the Queen of Light from harm. Because she thought the Heroes were enemies, this resulted in a series of battles with her before they were able to clear the misunderstanding. Afterwards, she agreed to assist the Heroes and helped them get to the crystal cavern.

As they got into the cavern, they eventually met the evil being in black armor. After some considerable effort, they were able to defeat it, thanks to help form Rujena. With the evil vanquished, they met with the Queen of Light, who thanked them for their help. No longer needing to hide, the Queen of Light emerged form the cave and allowed the sun to shine once again, which helped some of the corruption in the forest and brought sanity back to its denizens. Before the Heroes departed, she told them of an evil curse which had afflicted many parts of Neotellus, causing much of the flora around to wither and die. She also spoke of a shadowy organization known as The Circle, who sought to bring salvation through death. She suspected that this group was responsible for the corruption plaguing the lands, although she could not be sure, and had requested the Heroes to investigate the surrounding areas to find out. With this, the Heroes set out to their next destination to discover the cause of the corruption.

Beyond the Horizon[]

The Heroes had arrived at a vast wasteland, an area where woodland was supposed to exist. They stood and gazed the scene, wracked with guilt for not being able to save the world and allowing this to happen. Just as the Queen of Light had said, they saw that the dessert was spreading at an alarming rate. They set out to search for clues as to who was behind this, suspecting that The Circle was behind this. As they traveled, they saw an angel crash into the ground from above them. The angel spike of a "Cursed Kingdom", dying immediately afterwards before Yvette was able to inquire further. Not knowing what had happened, the Heroes set out to look for this kingdom to see what had happened.

As they made there way there, they began to encounter various Sand Demons, which attacked them on sight. After several battles with these demons, they began to notice broken wings on their backs, causing them to suspect that these demons may have been fallen angels. Soon, they began to encounter raging battles around them as they came closer to the Cursed Kingdom. These battles were between angels, and humans and demons. This confused the Heroes, as they did not understand why the demons had sided with humans, and were waging war with angels. Eventually, they encountered a Hero from the Cursed Kingdom. It was a being completely clad in armor, and had a ghostly presence. After several battles with it, they Heroes manged to defeat it, and learned from it that a war was happening around them between those of the mortal world, and the gods of heaven.

They soon encountered Kokabiel, a creature from the heavens who had now sworn itself to protect the humans from the heavens. Assuming the Heroes to be enemies, they engaged in battle until the Heroes defeated it. Kokabiel explained that the demons and humans shared the same resentment for the gods, and had chosen to stand together in order to gain freedom from the tyranny of the gods, with many angels siding with them and being punished by the gods as a result. As the Heroes considered this, they began to sympathize with their cause, although they did not believe that fighting was the answer. As such, not knowing what to do, they decided to set out to find a way to end the war without one siding destroying the other.

Eventually, they encountered Arakiel, a large and powerful demon. Though the Heroes did not want to fight, the demon relentlessly assaulted them, assuming them to be enemies. They soon learned that Arakiel was an angel from heaven who had sided with the humans, and had been transformed as punishment. Even so, Arakiel and many of his brethren were determined to protect the humans at all costs. Even after defeating Arakiel, the Heroes were still determined to end the war peacefully and continued in their quest. Soon, they encountered a massive stone dragon attacking the human armies. The dragon was clearly sent from the gods to aid in their offensive. The Heroes intervened and began battling it. Though they tried to reason with it, they were forced to battle with it, eventually repelling it. After more battles, they encountered Tamiel, another fallen angel who was leading the war against the gods. They tried to convey their resolve to end the war without bloodshed, but the cynical demon refused to listen and forced a battle with the Heroes. They were eventually able to repel Tamiel, who left and was partially convinced that the Heroes could end the war. Tamiel told them of the princess of the Cursed Kingdom, and instructed them to seek her if they were serious about ending the war.

As they Heroes traveled to meet with the princess, they soon encountered Thunder God Ramiel, an angel from heaven who was in the process of slaughtering the human armies before her. They tried to reason with her to protect the humans, but she rebuked them, saying that the sacrifices were necessary to protect the interests of the heavens. Not being able to stand against Ramiel, the angel Shemhaza arrived and began battling Ramiel in an epic clash, causing chaos and destruction around them. Though Shemhaza tried to persuade Ramiel of her side, she didn't relent. As they continued to battle, the Heroes could only watch helplessly, unable to decide what was right. They recalled a similar battle raging on in a tower in the August plains, where they had put an end to the dreams of the people in their war with the gods, and knew they had no right to stop Ramiel from doing the same.

As the battle raged on, both angels convinced that their side was the right one, Shemhaza remarked of the meaninglessness of the battle, with Ramiel still resolved to carry on her role. Shemhaza further reiterated that she could not let Ramiel kill the princess, and that she and The Circle would protect her at all costs. As she expressed regret that they could not see eye-to-eye, the Heroes, hearing of her siding with The Circle, ordered their cryptids to attack Shemhaza. Seeing the opportunity, Ramiel shot bolts of thunder at Shemhaza in desperation, although neither attack succeeded as Shemhaza had already vanished. By the end, the dessert was charred black and strewn with corpses, with both the Heroes and Ramiel left and filled with regret.


As the Heroes were traveling, Yvette informed them that fruit from the Tree of Iðunn had fallen from the heavens and onto Neotellus. While the fruit from the tree had the ability to bestow great power to those who ate it, the fruit which turned into tress in Neotellus were corrupted and eating their fruit would turn one into monsters. Already, many creatures had been turned into monsters from eating the fruit. As such, the gods had ordered that all such trees and fruit be destroyed, and were offering the real fruit of Iðunn to those who would do their bidding. The Heroes accepted this task because they agreed that this was the right thing to do, although Yvette seemed more interested in the reward. It soon became apparent that Yvette was interested in the fruit's power to make one more beautiful.

As they set about gathering the fallen fruits, they came across Valine, a sword master looking to test his strength against strong warriors, and who had come to the corrupted Trees of Iðunn to find such warriors. While the Heroes were able to dispatch him, they encountered more warriors interested in the fruits, such as a thief named Crista, who was looking to sell the fruits for money, and an old warrior named Bartlemy, who was looking to regain his youth in order to live eternally. The old knight put up a staunch resistance against the Heroes, but was eventually defeated by the Heroes, who set out to gather the remaining fruits and destroy the rest of the trees.

Eventually, the Heroes encountered an army of undead led by the undead king, Wenceslas. Many of the undead had sought the fruit into to give them life again, and stood in the way of the Heroes' goal. To aid them, the godess Iðunn, and the angel Marisela, had come. With their help, they suceeded in dispatching all of the undead, except Wenceslas. He had no interest in the fruit, and had instead come to steal Iðunn away. One of the Heroes challenged him to a battle while the rest protected Yvette from afar. This battle lasted for hours, and both the Hero and Wenceslas appeared to be evenly matched. Even as Yvette shouted at the undead king to give up his plight, he refused as he angrily remarked about the agony of being undead. As the battle continued, the Hero considered summoning Iðunn and Marisela to aid him in, but decided against it out of compassion for the king.

Just as Wenceslas began his attack, Iðunn interrupted and offered to give him a golden apple, which would allow him to regain his mortality. Even though Marisela protested this, Iðunn silenced her and tossed the apple to Wencelsas. Though hesitant at first, he took a bite out of the apple. He smiled in joy before he began to kneel over, retching out blood. Though the fruit restored his mortality, it could not give him life because his body was already dead. The king did not seem to care, and shouted out gleefully as he died. Iðunn went over to his body to pray for him, while Yvette was being comforted by on the Heroes after witnessing the grotesque event. Marisela could only remark in displeasure at giving an evil man such a joyful looking death.


The Heroes had traveled to the north part of Neotellus to investigate the source of a blizzard which had stricken Neotellus after noticing an abnormally deep color to the northern lights. Though they dressed for the journey, Yvette still found herself shivering. Searching for a place to warm up, they came across a large ice castle. When they signaled for the gatekeeper to let them in, a large army of soldiers surrounded them, demanding to know if they were minions of the Ancient Wizard. Eventually, they were able clear up the misunderstanding. Apparently, the princess of the realm had been abducted by this wizard, who then created the blizzard in spite. The aurora they saw was a manifestation of his magic and the source of the blizzard. Starved for answers, the Heroes set out to discover the wizard's motives.

As they ventured out into the wilderness, they encountered various local creatures who stood in their way before encountering Pacina, one of the wizard's minions. Through several battles, they were able to defeat the creatures and Pacina. After dealing with more of the local creatures, they encountered a scout belonging to the ice castle. When they tried to gain his help, he mistook them for enemies, leading to several battles before the Heroes were able to clear up the misunderstanding. He directed them to where he thought the princess had been taken, afterwards being left behind by the Heroes. They soon encountered Ingval, a leader of a group of chimera, and a minion of the wizard. After a series of battles, they managed to defeat him before arriving at the wizard's hideout.

There, the Heroes engaged in a lengthy battle, along with their cryptids. They soon manged to mortally wound the Ancient Wizard, although he didn't relent in his attacks. When they asked the wizard why he had done what he had done, he told them a grave truth. Should the blizzard be stopped, the realm of eternal ice they were in would be no more, and the princess would die. Just as he had said, the blizzard began to stop, and the princess began to teeter along the brink of death.

The Heroes soon remembered what the knights of the castle told them, of how the princess had brought the weakened wizard into the castle to tend to him, and how he was attempting to repay his debt to her. Hearing this, and of the princess' attempt to reach out to the wizard's loneliness, the Heroes hesitated to finish the wizard off.

Suddenly, the wizard began reciting an incantation. The Heroes managed to take shelter behind an ice pillar while their cryptids slit the wizard's neck, although he still attempted to recite his incantation. An earthquake soon began, and it would likely destroy the kingdom. The quake created a fissure in the ice crystal encassing the sleeping princess, breaking and leaving the princess collasped on the floor. Seeing this, the wizard mustered the last of his strength to finisht he incantation, creating a rainbow of everlasting ice infused with magic, a gift to the princess. The Heroes quickly grabbed the princess and ran to safety with Yvette, with the princess quietly whispering her thanks to the wizard, who had now repaid his debt. The blizzard had gone, and the Heroes were greeted by the aurora above them.


The Heroes had decided to celebrate the arrival of the new year by watching the comet which passes Neotellus every year by staying in a small town for a few days. Upon arriving, they noticed hordes of monsters rampaging about. The source of the monsters was a magical gateway leading to the underworld, centered in the middle of the town square. The gateway had been traditionally guarded by the town summoners since ancient towns, but a powerful summoner named Ivoks had broken the seal on the gate, using magical texts stolen from his brethren, and had taken charge of the monsters and escaped. If the gate were left open until the beginning of the new year, it would freeze in place and remain open, destroying the boundary between the surface and underworld. The only summoner who could sea the gate, beside Ivoks, was a young and talented girl named Koo. However, her body was weak and frail, and using her powers to seal the gate would potentially kill her. Faced with this dilemma, the Heroes set out to find Ivoks and Koo.

As they made their way across town, they encountered a winged lion descended from chimeras. The lion was hunting down the demons that rampaged across town, and mistook the Heroes for enemies. After several battles, the Heroes were able to clear the misunderstanding, with the lion directing the Heroes to where Koo may have possibly been. They soon came across the Pearl Dragon, one of the deities that lived on the comet. It had come to help extol the demons from this world, and mistook the Heroes for one of them. After battling several times, the Heroes cleared their innocence. As the Heroes continued to look for Koo, they came across Hanobart, the arch summoner of the town, as well as the grandfather of Koo. While the Heroes tried to gain his assistance, he did not know where Koo was, and wasn't about to let the Heroes have her even if he knew. The Heroes fought persistently against the stubborn old man, who put a staunch resistance using his powers. Hanobart knew that Koo's life would be in peril if she closed the gate, and was adamant about putting his granddaughter's life in danger this way.


Ring of Fire[]

The Heroes had wandered into a sprawling city, and saw massive arena in the center of town. Curious, the Heroes went inside to see what the fuss was about. Gladiator style matches were being held to thousands of spectators, although the Heroes were far from impressed and instead were disgusted to see the senseless slaughter before their eyes. As the day's matches began to close, a man in the center of the arena, likely the champion, announced his engagement to the daughter of a lord. To celebrate the occasion, a tournament would be held. Whoever survived and defeated the champion would become the new champion and receive vast riches in the process. Though Yvette was motivated by the money, Heroes decided to enter the arena in order to stop the bloodshed once and for all.

Upon entering the tournament, the Heroes found themselves in the middle of a free for all melee. The Heroes tried to quickly locate the champion, avoiding unnecessary conflict as much as possible. Inevitably, they found themselves still having to find the other contestants regardless, with their foes ranging from mounted beasts to mean spirited goblins. It soon became apparent that the champion was not fighting at this stage of the tournament. They soon encountered a fairy named Risa, who had entered the tournament in order to kill Krovis, the arena champion and avenge her families deaths while putting an end to the bloodshed. Though she shared the same goal as the Heroes, she was intent on getting her revenge, and was willing to kill whoever stood in her way. After several battles, the Heroes managed to best her without killing her. Before she fainted, she entrusted the Heroes with stopping the fighting, with the Heroes promising to do so while avenging her family.

After some time had passed, the contestants were all given a short intermission to recover for the second half of the tournament. The Heroes were glad to have this break, as they were exhausted from all the fighting. After resting up, the Heroes soon went back into the arena to face more foes. As the fighting resumed, they found themselves fighting against diverse beasts such as trolls and a man eating caged demonbeast. They soon found themselves up against a skilled warrior named Alberto. Though the Heroes tried to put him down without killing him, the man was intent on achieving victory and put up a fierce resistance. After a lengthy battle, they managed to defeat Alberto. With their victory, the Heroes now found themselves up against the champion himself.

Their battle with the red haired Krovis was an intense one, as the champion was quite skilled with his flaming sword. Despite their fatigue, the Heroes matched the champion blow for blow. Eventually, the Heroes were able to get the better of the champion, leaving him as a corpse with a hole in his chest with sliced sinew in his arms. Even as the crowd around them roared, the Heroes felt pitiful and were wracked with guilt. No longer caring about the city or the reward, they left the arena and began packing. As Yvette pestered them about their wounds, two shadowy figures appeared. It was the fairy Risa, and a golden knight they had encountered in the arena. Risa thanked them for avenging her family, and the knight thanked them for their efforts and assured them that there would be no more bloodshed. Though it would take some time, peace would eventually restored. Though his handshakes sent pain through their arms, the Heroes felt satisfied that their efforts would not be in vain after all.

As they left the city behind them, Yvette expressed frustration at not retrieving their prize money. The Heroes understood the significance of this, as they were in need of food and shelter. Still clearly frustrated, Yvette exclaimed that they would come back and get their prize money once they were finished with their journey.


While traveling, the Heroes encountered a dense fog. Since it would take some time for it to clear, they decided to head to the nearest town available. They soon found themselves in a beautiful city with a large tower, and well maintained streets. Yvette was delighted by the color shops as she walked by each one. The Heroes soon noticed one in particular which caught their attention. It was broken down, and had no products on display. Inside, they could hear groaning, prompting them to go inside to investigate. They soon found a woman who had been bound inside a closet. The Heroes helped free her, after which she thanked them and asked for their names. The Heroes each gave their name, and described the quest they were on. Upon hearing, the woman began to plead for their help as her family jewels had been stolen, and the guards couldn't be depended on. Sympathizing with her, the Heroes agreed to help, although it became apparent to them that Yvette was motivated by greed as she asked if they could have some of the jewels for helping.

The Heroes went out to search for clues, and after inquiring with the guards, soon found themselves at a mansion. The culprit had apparently been responsible for a lot of crimes in the city, and was supposedly hiding out at the mansion. Because they were acting on their own, they tried to be inconspicuous to avoid attracting attention. As they searched about, they encountered a mysterious monster which ate the eyes of its victims. Though it was acting suspiciously, it became obvious to them that it had nothing to do with the culprit. They soon ran into Weslin, a member of guard who had come to investigate. She assumed that the Heroes were associated with the culprit, and attacked them. After several battles, they were able to clear the misunderstanding with her. To apologize for their troubles, she steered them to where their the culprit might have been, even though she didn't know for sure. This brought them to the courtyard out back, where they encountered a mysterious woman named Ashess. She had a ghostly aura around her, and it soon became apparent that she was being controlled by a malevolent spirit. The Heroes battled with her several times until they were able to free her.


Eternal Flame[]

The Heroes had ventured to the kingdom beyond the sacred forests to see the utopia which it had been reputed to be. It was supposed to be a peaceful realm where humans and elves, witches and demons, lived in peace and harmony. However, upon arriving, they saw a kingdom filled with squabbling and crying, with people being carted off by guards regularly. The Heroes suspected that they would soon be caught up in another catastrophe, and were about to quickly make their way out when a woman began approaching them. She had a twisted facial expression, which made Yvette reel in terror, convinced she was the demon king in disguise. As she arrived, her expression softened and she welcomed the Heroes to the realm.

Her name was Ingrid, and she explained of how the prince of the land received assistance form a witch in order to become popular with the ladies. In doing so, she cast a curse upon the entire kingdom which made countless women flock to him, resulting in the chaos. Ingrid requested the Heroes' help as she was his fiancee, but Yvette was crossed and was not in the mood to help, discouraging the Heroes from assisting the woman. After some deliberation, they gave in and agreed to help the Ingrid save her kingdom.

The Heroes tried to search for clues regarding the witch's whereabouts and how to break the curse, Yvette scowling all the while. They soon encountered a Holy Dragon, who was the protector of the kingdom. When they tried to get his help, he mistook the Heroes for allies of the witch due to their status as outsiders, resulting in several battles. After clearing the misunderstanding, the went out to continue searching for clues. They soon encountered a goblin, who had escaped execution in the midst of the chaos caused by the prince. Though the goblin pestered the Heroes, they were able to repel him. After some time, they encountered Voronwe, a legendary swordsman who had come to the kingdom to help stop the chaos. He mistook the Heroes for enemies, resulting several battles before he was convinced otherwise. He offered assistance to the Heroes by directing them to the castle, where the witch likely was.

As the Heroes made their way to the castle, they noticed Yvette in a fouler mood than usual. Though they inquired, she didn't give them a reason, puzzling the Heroes over her strange behavior. Upon arriving, they encountered a magic shop owner who had arrived at the kingdom to take advantage of the chaos and make a profit. She initially stood in the Heroes' way, but after she relented, she gave a magical charm to Yvette as an apology gift, improving her mood and her impression of the shop keeper. While making their way through the castle, they encountered a reporter named Wiggins who had come looking for a scoop to write about. Upon seeing the Heroes together with Yvette, he came to the conclusion that they were eloping and was prepared to write about it, which infuriated Yvette. At her insistence, the Heroes tracked the young reporter down, after which Yvette forced the reporter to give up the story, to which he eventually obliged after much persistence.

Eventually, the Heroes encountered a poor duchess from another land named Iseria, who had come to gain the prince's affection in order to marry him and strengthen her family's reputation. Though the Heroes sympathized with her plight, they had no choice but to battle her in order to prevent her from creating more chaos. After several battles, they managed to convince her to give up on her quest.

After further traversing the castle, they entered the throne room where the prince and witch were. While the prince was frozen in shock, the Heroes rushed up to them, with one of the Heroes landing a punch to the prince's face, leaving him squirming on the floor. Yvette looked down at him with spite, while the Heroes felt some remorse in robbing him of his princely pride. When the Heroes turned their attention the witch, her twisted smirk disappearing as she quickly surrendered herself. Though the Heroes could not attack her because she gave herself up, Yvette was infuriated at her quick surrender and the chaos she had created, and tried to attack her, even as the witch gave Yvette a smirk. The Heroes managed to hold her back, and wanted nothing more than to go home and be done with it all.

As the witch was escorted out by the guards, the prince had no choice but to face his fiancee and answer for his actions. He tried to explain himself by blaming the witch, eventually falling silent as he ran out of excuses. Ingrid broke the silence, asking if she was not good enough for him. Wanting to leave the two of them alone, Yvette tugged on one of the Heroes' ear and motioned them out of the throne room.

As they began wandering though the forest, the city behind them, Yvette stopped them for a moment and offered the Heroes a piece of chocolate, blushing all the while. As they hesitated for a moment, Yvette angrily told them to eat it. One of them eventually held his hand out to receive the chocolate, but accidentally dropped it on the ground. A small bird came and began pecking at it, making Yvette angry as she had meant the chocolate to be given to the Heroes. The bird ignored her and ate it, causing Yvette to chase the bird around the air. The Heroes watched the tussle in the air, wondering what had made Yvette act strangely before.

Infinite Realms[]

The Heroes had arrived at a village in the mountains to rest up. However, they noticed something peculiar. The village was completely deserted. Sensing that something was terribly wrong, the soon felt a chill down their spines. At that moment, a hand reached out and grabbed Yvette on the shoulders. Yvette screamed before realizing that the whole village was infested with monsters. The Heroes fought off the monsters and set about to determine what had happened to the villagers.

They soon encountered Travis the Ironhearted, a knight who had come from a nearby land to also investigate the source of the monsters in the village. Mistaking the Heroes for foes, the two sides fought. Though they tried to reason with him, Travis was unwilling to back down, driven by determination. They eventually defeated Travis, leaving him near death. With his last words, he told the Heroes that the source of the monsters was a mysterious white demon. The white demon apparently had the power to turn ordinary people into monsters, which was what happened to Travis' men and likely what happened to the villagers as well. With this information, the Heroes shook off their apparent shock, and began their search for the demon.

As they made their way through the mountains, they encountered Tevor, another knight who had come to investigate. Unlike Travis, Trevor seemed to be consumed by bloodlust and a thirst for power, and was unresponsive to the Heroes' demand for answers. After a series of battles, they managed to defeat him. Though they were unable to gain any meaningful information, they were convinced that the demon was behind the knights' descension into madness. As they continued their search, they ran into another knight named Maddux. He too was unresponsive, and attacked the Heroes on sight. Through a series of battles, they learned from him that those who gazed at the white demon directly would be afflicted with the plague and turned into a monster. This horrified Yvette, who had momentarily seen the white demon's figure earlier. Considering the possibility of Yvette transforming into a monster, they defeated Maddux and quickly searched for the demon.

After looking through the mountains, slaying demons along the way, they eventually encountered the white demon Sentsels. Knowing they couldn't afford to look directly at it, they had Yvette act as their sight in order to defeat it. Despite its downfall, the plague continued to spread. They considered that someone else was pulling the strings and frantically searched for the culprit and a way to cure Yvette. They eventually encountered Testament the Apostate, a dark sorcerer who revealed himself as the mastermind. Through a lengthy battle, they brought him to his knees and began questioning him for a cure. He told them that there was no cure, sending Yvette down to the ground in hopelessness. As he laughed, the Heroes watched as Yvette began transforming.

Seemingly enjoying the display, Maddux remarked that the disease should only affect humans, not fairies. Realizing that they had been had, Yvette, who was now greatly embarrassed by her theatrics, told the Heroes to beat down Maddux. Before they could however, he had disappeared. The manner in which he did so was very reminiscent of their old foe, Lorentz. They speculated that Maddux was now in another dimension, and no longer possessing the dimension blade, the Heroes could do nothing. Yvette asked Maddux if he had been ordered to lure the Heroes in order to avenge Lorentz, to which he replied that his true motive was to destroy the Heroes himself and surpass his former master.

Knowing that he could not fight the Heroes, Maddux vanished completely. The Heroes helped the remaining knights finish off the rest of the demons. Now completely still, the Heroes stood in the village and gazed at the moon, feeling as if an insurmountable fate awaited them, terrified all the while.

Liquid Swords[]

The Heroes had arrived at underground ancient ruins located deep in the forests. There they encountered two young men, whom Yvette had become infatuated with, and who were engaged in some kind of argument. Upon listening to their story, they learned that the men were treasure hunters who had come to the ruins to search for Balin's Blades, legendary blades located in the sword room of the ruins. Previously, they had been travelling with a third companion who had turned into a monster after holding one of the blades. Interest to learn more, Yvette and the Heroes listened to the story of Balin's Blades.

Long ago, a master blacksmith existed who posessed considerable swordsmanship skills. One of his apprentices grew jealous of the blacksmith, and killed him. Before his passing, Balin had crafted 13 cursed swords that came to be known collectively as "Balin's Blades". When questioned about the curse of the blades by Yvette, the treasure hunters did not seem to know anything.

Wanting to go back to rescue their missing companion and learn more about the curse of the blades, the treasure hunters requested assistance from the Heroes, to which they agreed. With the hunters heading into the ruins through the east corridor, the Heroes took the west corridor. Once inside, they encountered various strange creatures whom they were forced to fight. One was a demon who apparently possessed immortality and was looking for Balin's Blades to cure him of this curse. Another was a giant spider who was a resident of the ruins. Wanting to learn what he may knew, the Heroes chased after it and learned about the possibility that the curse of the blades turned people into monsters. They would eventually encounter a female warrior who wielded one of the blades as a memento from her sister, and who appeared to be suffering the effects of the curse, yet hadn't transformed into a monster yet.

After more encounters with various creatures, they encountered a mysterious sage who appeared to know about the blades and the ruins. After chasing after it several times, they learned of two men who would destroy the curse of the blades, and were instructed to give a special book to them. Hypothesizing that this referred to the two treasure hunters from before, the Heroes quickly headed to the blade room. Along the way, they encountered another warrior wielding one of Balin's Blades, and who emitted a ghastly aura as a result. The warrior was intent on using the blades to take revenge on an entire kingdom for the death of his parents. After several battles, the Heroes managed to subdue him, heading to the sword room afterwards.

Upon arriving, the Heroes witnessed a standoff taking place between a young woman and a monster, both of whom were holding swords, although they could not be sure if they were Balin's Blades. Moments later, the treasure hunters from earlier arrived from the eastern corridor. Upon seeing the hunters, the woman in the center of the room called out their names in relief, with the hunters doing the same. As Yvette remarked on their arrival, the treasure hunters Janil and Xeno greeted her and the Heroes and complimented then on their strength in arriving to the room. As the hunters and Yvette exchanged pleasantries, Yvette surmised the young woman in the center of the room to being their companion. With this, Janil and Xeno's faces darkened.

The treasure hunters immediately told Lucia, the young woman, to drop the blade she was holding, informing her of the curse turning people into monsters. The hunters both began explaining the legend of Balin's Blades in more detail, about how those who were strong willed can resist overcome curse. They also remarked about how the weak willed needn't worry if they avoided the blades entirely. Yvette began to recall the female warrior they had encountered earlier, concluding that her resolve in her mission must have allowed her to remain human.

Janil then ordered Lucia to give him the sword, to which Lucia refused. Yvette questioned his sanity in doing so, but Xeno flashed a bold grin at Janil, prompting him to declare his intention to destroy the curse of Balin's Blades. He immediately charged at Lucia, wrestling the sword from her. The room immediately fell into silence, the sinister air around them dissipating. As Yvette began to surmise this as being what the old man from earlier had meant by destroying the curse, the Heroes remembered the letter he had given them, and handed it to Xeno. As Xeno read it, he informed Janil about the contents of it, and remarked that this would allow them to save Lucia.

With the curse of Balin's Blades being no more, the treasure hunters thanked the Heroes for their assistance before they departed. As the Heroes thought about Xeno's words about those already being transformed being cursed permanently, they thought of Lucia. Though she had maintained her human form since she did not possess the blade for long, her face had transformed into a monster. Though the Heroes assumed that Yvette had been wracked with pity for her, the fairy immediately remarked about how handsome the hunters were and how lucky Lucia was to hang out with them, leading the Heroes to sigh over the futility in their worrying.

Dark Horizon[]

The Heroes had wandered into a city and noticed a proclamation, saying that Duskland forces were closing in fast and that help was needed to mount a counter-offensive. Sensing the gloomy atmosphere in the city, the Heroes enlisted and soon found themselves at the Divider, a massive wall constructed to stop Shadeland savages. However, when they arrived, the wall was on the verge of falling to Duskland forces. The Heroes and a handful of elite warriors were ordered to launch a surprise attack on the enemy commander in the hopes of turning the tide of battle. However, the plan had low odds of succeeding, and as they parried the attacks of enemy soldiers, Yvette was rebuking the Heroes for getting them into their predicament. Even so, they all agreed that they needed to take out the enemy commander as quickly as possible if they hoped to succeed, and their elite group needed to reach the commander alive. Yvette flew above in an effort to help the Heroes scout and locate the commander and pointed them in the general direction.

As they made their way across the battlefield, they encountered one of the generals of the army, a hammer wielding man named Porcel. The Heroes knew they couldn't let him live if they wanted to end the war, so they persistently followed after him. Though they grew agitated and were careless at times, the veterans behind them had a calming presence on them and helped them keep their cool. After several battles, they were able to fell the general. They soon encountered another of the generals, a demon named Jester. The Heroes had difficulty in chasing the general across the battlefield, and soon found themselves trapped and surrounded. Left with no choice, they pushed through enemy lines in the general direction of Jester. After finding him, they focused their efforts and manged to fell him. They soon found themselves wondering if the war was justified as the Divider simply served as the boundary between rich and poor, and began to feel that they shouldn't have gotten involved. Left with some moment of reprieve, they let the soldiers following them rest up before resuming their mission.

They soon encountered General Sonam, another one of the enemy generals. They persistently chased her across the battlefield, all the while wondering if there was a way to end the war peacefully. Eventually, the Heroes and the soldiers agreed that the best way of ending the fighting was to seize the high commanders of both armies and force them into a truce. They split into two groups, with the Heroes' running across the battlefield to fulfill their end of the mission. They continued to run into Sonam, with it becoming apparent that she knew more than she was letting on. Regardless, the Heroes focused solely on finding the high commander of the Duskland forces.


League of Shadows[]

The Heroes and Yvette had been lodging at an inn and were sleeping through the night, when Yvette was awoken by a sudden scream coming from the Heroes. She was irritated and as she looked at the Heroes, her anger abated as she saw them drenched in sweat. The Heroes had a nightmare where a floating black sphere appeared to them on the road. They could even hear the cries of an infant. It reminded them of the horrors they had encountered on their journey. As they tried to shake it off, assuring Yvette that they were fine, they suddenly felt a magical aura unlike anything they encountered thus far. The Heroes quickly got out of bed and together with Yvette, headed over to the source.

When they arrived, they witnessed a scorched plains as far as they could see. As they stood there in shock, a man approached them, asking if they had found the traitor. Though the Heroes had no idea what he meant, he continued. Apparently, a demon possessed woman had created the scene before them, and had escaped from The Circle and been branded as a traitor. The lower ranked members had been looking for her everywhere, but were having difficulties due to her strength, riling the higher ranked members into action. Though Yvette tried to speak, he cut her off and continued about a group pretending to be honorable and looking around for a stone that was said to make one immortal. The Circle and this group were apparently both after this stone, and he remarked about how someone named Monplize would be able to enact his plans with this stone.

As he tried to remember the name of the stone, he suddenly stopped as a sword tip came forth from his chest, causing him to collapse to the ground dead. The Heroes immediately shielded Yvette. A woman had appeared before them, and remarked about how she wouldn't consort with the group he mentioned. She stared at the corpse coldly before walking off without even looking at the Heroes. As Yvette called out to her, she stopped, flashed a grin over her shoulders, and immediately disappeared out of thin air. Yvette told the Heroes that they should look into what the man had been talking about, since he mentioned The Circle. Memories of the Shadow King and The Circle began coming back to the Heroes, and agreed that they couldn't ignore a clue that could lead them to The Circle.

As the Heroes traveled across the scorched plains, they encountered a knight named Dasdeth who seemed to know something about The Circle. Though they were not sure if he was a human or a cryptid, he possessed information that the Heroes needed. As they chased him down, it became apparent that he was a member of The Circle. Though his aura made them uneasy, they continued to follow him, knowing it would not be easy to get information from him. As they chased and battled him down, they eventually killed him without gaining any meaningful information. They soon felt the presence of several powerful forces around them, causing them to realize that the aura they felt before belonged to several beings rather than one. Regardless, they continued across the plains.

They soon encountered another member named Milfy. She talked in a condescending manner to them, and belittled the knight they had killed earlier. As they Heroes chased her down, she revealed that The Circle possessed a network of spies that allowed them gather information quickly. The Heroes realized that they were up against a foe more formidable than they could have imagined. The Heroes soon grew incensed with her attitude and the her belittling attitude toward her own comrades. As they chased her, they eventually managed to kill her, although a demon rose up from her body, making it apparent that she possessed the bodies of other people and was likely looking for another body at that moment. Regardless, the Heroes set off to continue looking for information.

They eventually encountered King Krozas, who mistook them for members of The Circle, telling the Heroes that they would not let the Everstone fall into their hands. The Heroes realized that the stone the man earlier had been talking about was the Everstone, and chased after the king to gain information. Once he was convinced that they weren't enemies, he told them of how the Everstone granted one godlike powers, although he didn't have any other useful information. They said their farewells and left the king behind as he continued to fight to regain his homeland. They soon encountered a giant orc who accused them of being Shurala's spies. They concluded that Shurala was likely the name of the traitor The Circle were chasing. They continued to chase down the orc for information. As he continued to mention the name of Monplize, it soon became obvious that this man was the master of The Circle. As they orc soon went into a berserker rage, the Heroes battled him until they were able to slay him.

After a while, they soon encountered a monster larger than the orc and more terrifying. The monster was not affiliated with any particular group, but was causing destruction everywhere it went. The Heroes chased it down to stop it from causing any more damage, with other warrior assisting. After much effort, it eventually disappeared and was replaced by a man who walked away. Though curious, the Heroes moved on. They eventually encountered Shurala herself, who assumed that the Heroes were one of Monplize's assassins. They chased after her to gain information about The Circle. After it became obvious to her that they weren't working for Monplize, she agreed to tell them what they wanted to know, although it needed to be done later. The Heroes trusted her, and went out to search for Monplize.

When they eventually found him, he was battling Shurala. The Heroes came to her aid quickly, and with their help, Monplize was eventually defeated. As he drew his last breath, the asked Shurala why she didn't use the demon inside her to defeat him. She replied by saying that it was just him, and that he underestimated her. With that, he passed on. As she stood over him, Yvette asked why she looked so sad. She talked of how many in The Circle regarded him highly, as though he possessed no real power, his wisdom made him adept at sorcery, and his devotion to The Circle as well as his ability to sense the hidden powers of others made others view him as their master and a father figure. When Shurala realized that he planned to have her eliminated, she grew to hate him as she knew that he had been using him. Even so, a part of her still acknowledged him as he made her into what she was now.

As the Heroes stood watching her, marveling over her fortitude, she thanked them for their efforts, remarking about how without the demon inside her, she was just an ordinary woman. The Heroes watched as she exchanged banter with Yvette, and smiled. When Yvette asked where the rest of The Circle were, another woman answered her by saying that they went back to the hideout. When they turned to the voice, they found that it was a girl who Shurala referred to as Amarie. She was apparently one of The Circle's top officers. If she found anyone useless, she had no qualms about killing them. When Shurala asked why she was there, she stated that she wanted Monplize dead as he was in the way, and decided to let Shurala and the Heroes take care of him for her.

When asked if she was planning on killing them, she stated that she still had use for them as the Heroes were one of the few who could possess the Everstone. As she praised them for defeating the Shadow King, Yvette snapped back in anger stating they didn't come their for her sake. Amarie tried to calm her anger, and stated that she was after some important information like them. She inquired with Shurala about Helya, a failed clone created by Monplize, the same monster they encountered earlier. Though Amarie though Shurala killed it, she heard that it was a man. Shurala said she saw the battle, although she didn't know who it was. It was likely that the man possessed the Everstone.

Shurala then asked if Amarie was planning on killing the man along with them, to which she replied by saying she had no plans to do so at the moment. She then vanished into the mist. With that, the Heroes parted with Shurala and went their separate ways, knowing that they were up against an organization whose scope exceeded their expectations. They anticipated a confrontation of dire proportions looming on the horizon, although at that moment they were intent on going back to the inn to rest.

Primal Scream[]

Yvette and the Heroes had been wandering through some grassy plains, admiring the beauty of the landscape before them, when a few of the Heroes noticed a faint voice calling for them. When Yvette inquired and asked what was troubling them, they told her of the voice, although Yvette did not seem to hear it. Even so, the voice continued to call out, and it seemed to be from a frail girl. Unexpectedly, Yvette told them of how Neotellus was in constant communication with the beings that inhabited, although most were not aware of it, acting according to its wishes without knowing why. Only those of the highest nobility were chosen to hear its words. When the Heroes asked who told Yvette of the tale, she said it was her father, the thought of which made them laugh. Yvette replied by saying that her father was very noble and could hear the voice.

As they continued walking, Yvette cried out in shock as she noticed a large airship lying in the ground. It was clearly in ruin, yet it astounded them to think that it flew at one point. They stood in front of it for a moment, admiring the sight of it, pondering how it wouldn't have been taken apart by wandering historians or travelers. Suddenly, they heard a voice asking them to come quickly. As they turned around, ready to protect Yvette, they saw a girl with a white dress, golden hair, and an otherworldly aura appear before them. When Yvette asked where she came from, the girl interrupted her and pleaded with them to follow her as she needed to tell them something important. As Yvette and the Heroes stood, stunned, the girl continued to plea, telling them to hurry and emphasizing the urgency of her situation as dark forces were apparently apparently arriving, and she could only inhabit the body she was in for a limited time. Quickly, the entity transferred itself into Yvette's body, still imploring for them to follow her. Having no choice, the Heroes agreed and followed her into the airship.

As they journeyed, they encountered sorcerer named Erasmo appeared before them. The being inside Yvette's body speculated that he was from the Circle. Regardless, the Heroes had no choice but to fight him. They initially managed to repel him away, giving them a moment of reprieve. The being inside Yvette introduced herself as Ida, the World Soul, and explained that she needed to guide them to her real body. As they continued to follow her, they met Erasmo again, this time successfully repelling him away permanently. Ida praised their skill, and continued to guide them, remarking about the elusiveness of the Circle.

Soon, they encountered a Dark-Armored Warrior, to which Ida warned the Heroes to be wary of as it was not of this world. As they fought, they realized that it emitted the same kind of aura as the black sphere they saw during their fight with the Shadow King. After several battles, they managed to defeat the warrior, with Ida remarking that it was "Harbinger of Darkness". She explained that The Shadow King, the Shadowkind, and the knight were all part of this group. Although the Heroes did not understand, Ida promised to explain fully in due time.

As they continued toward their destination, a strong warrior named Radna appeared before them and attacked. She was apparently one of the guardians who protected Ida, although she did not recognize her in Yvette's body, and continued to follow and attack them relentlessly. Ida defended her, although she remarked about her childishness. As Radna continued with her persistent attacks, Ida grew impatient with her, although she eventually began to sympathize with her, as Radna assumed that the Heroes had captured Ida, with Yvette imitating her likeness. Regardless, the Heroes suceeded in repelling her, and began to head directly to their destination, with Ida assuring them of their safety as the Shadowkind had no power in the sanctuary they were in.

Eventually, they finally arrived at a sacred hall, with the Heroes noticing a sleeping woman in the center of the room, with runes surrounding her. Ida told them that this was her true form, and quickly left Yvette's body and went back to her original body. One of the Heroes had to dive to catch Yvette as she fell. hitting into a wall in the process, to which Ida apologized for. As they gazed at Ida, they saw her awaken and float above the ground. As they stared fixedly at her, they began to appreciate the meaning of her title, and the immense power she seemed to possess. Ida informed the Heroes that she was in fact the world itself. Yet, the Heroes grew skeptical of her power, to which Ida acknowledged that her strength was gone and her power limited.

To compensate, she was protected by a faithful group of defenders, with Ida referring to them with tenderness and kindness. Dedry was apparently the strongest of her defenders, and she praised his power to protect the world. Yet, she acknowledged that even he could not defeat The Circle. She soon began to speak of the Shadow Princes, beings born from the void. Though the Heroes were confused at who she was referring to, she answered simply that they were the same as the Shadow King.

She then began to talk of how everything that lives had been given a blessing of potential, with the Shadow King and his heirs the Shadowkind lacking this blessing. Their very influence was corrosive, and Neotellus was in danger from it. Furthermore, The Circle were plotting to eliminate both her, and the Heroes, and she was unaware of who led them as they found a way to slip past her gaze. Speaking gravely, she informed them that hope existed as The Circle and the Shadowkind seemed to be in opposition to one another, to which the Heroes suspected was the case all along.

Ida told the Heroes to be wary of those around them, and to suspect all as being the enemy moving forward. As she spoke, she began trembling, prompting the Heroes to come by her side. As tears began coming from her eyes, she expressed regret at not being able to save the world, drawing pity from the Heroes. Yvette soon woke up, expressing confusion regarding her whereabouts, to which the Heroes promised to explain to her later.

In their last moment with her, Ida gave the Heroes the same Dimensional Blade they had used to banish the Shadow King earlier. Though they wanted to know how she obtained the weapon, she would only implore them to find a specific individual, someone who they could only meet using the Dimensional Blade. The Heroes asked if they needed to know anything else, to which Ida would only reply by saying that she had always been alone. Afterwards, she disappeared forever. Despite Yvette's confusion, the Heroes could only gaze up at the vastness of the sky.