Steam Chaos Casino is an ongoing intermittent battle-based event where special points known as Mana can be earned by defeating other other players in battle. The amount of Mana is determined by how much power is used, equating to 1 Mana per 10 PWR. Mana can only be won by defeating other players using the Battle link from inside the Steam Chaos Casino event page.

For more information regarding Mana rules, please see its own page.

For more detailed analysis regarding the recorded prizes of the slot machines up to the older version of Monster Jet Charger, you can check this log page, although some of the information might be out of date.

Slot MachineEdit

Mana earned can be used on an in-game slot machine accessible in the event page. Prizes are divided into four categories based on the Mana cost to spin the slot. Generally, the higher the cost, the better the odds of winning higher-end prizes.

Slot CategoriesEdit

As stated above, there are four different slot machine categories that the player can spend their Mana on. Below are those available categories and their prizes:

Super Charger (Mana Cost: 5)Edit

Prize Item Item Amout
UR Guaranteed Ticket 1
Genius Baby Dragon 2
Mighty Young Dragon 2
Mighty Baby Dragon 2
Coins 30,000
Coins 10,000

Turbo Nitro Charger (Mana Cost: 10)Edit

Prize Item Item Amout
14-PWR & Up UR Ticket 1
UR Guaranteed Ticket 1
Genius Young Dragon 1
Mighty Young Dragon 1
LCP Claim Ticket 2
Coins 50,000
Coins 30,000

Monster Jet Charger (Mana Cost: 30)Edit

Prize Item Item Amout
20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 1
18-PWR & Up UR Ticket 1
50% UR Ticket 1
Genius Young Dragon 2
Mighty Ultimate Dragon 1
Mighty Young Dragon 1
LCP Claim Ticket 1
Coins 100,000

Limit Burst Charger (Mana Cost: 300)Edit

Prize Item Item Amout
21-PWR UR Ticket 1
20-PWR & Up UR Ticket 1
Genius Young Dragon 3
Genius Baby Dragon 3
Mighty Ultimate Dragon 3
Mighty Young Dragon 5
Mighty Baby Dragon 5
Coins 300,000


  • The slot result is decided the moment the player chose which slot setting to play. Although, it's also possible to see the "hint" given regarding which prize tier the player would receive if they decide to watch the slot animation:
    • Low Tier: No electric spark/small electric sparks.
    • Mid Tier: Some electric sparks/raging electric sparks.
    • High Tier: Severe electric sparks/special cut-in plays.
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