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(100 Souls) Crimson Moon Hinagiku to (Adjudicating) Underworld Punishers
(Adjuration) Odium-Facing Dartnam to (Aqua Guard) Underworld Executors
(Aqua Guard) Valeria, Awoken Model to (Bent Mercy) Doom-Wishing Marshanna
(Bequeath) Guard Dragonchild Teluas to (Budding Evil) Atropa, Flower Lover
(Buffoonery) Miguela Quixano to (Chivalry) Ermidal, Choosing Sides
(Choking) Candy Gobbler Goiva to (Contriving) Demon-Fused Marilou
(Control) Silver Mermaid Rhiahan to (Death Escort) Madam Guillotine
(Death Ground) Demons' Waltz Kagura to (Dismantle) Fudo, Unleashing Rancor
(Dismantling) Designing Duke Vapula to (Embracement) Shade-Drawn Angustias
(Embracing) Shadow-Cursed Angustias to (Exploring)Bold Adventurer Sinbad
(Exploring) Bold Adventurer Sinbad to (Flaring Haze) Hatesmog Gromon
(Flash) Sunlight Reflector Glen to (Glacial) Frigid Death Jeremias
(Glacierbreaker) Icy Spirit Candice to (Heavens) Moon Healing Spirit
(Heavenscent) Perfuming Geranian to (Impressive) Ravishing Shadow Loyda
(Imprison) Imprisoned Battle Dragon to (Juvenile) Adorable Summoner Hummel
(Kaleidoscopic) Crystal Dragon to (Luck) Red Sparkling Neverland Gift
(Lucky) Bumbling Retainers' Revolt to (Moral Combat) Creators of Humanity
(Moral Heart) Balha, Penitent Demon to (OneMind) Desperia, Vowing to Live
(One Body) Fusing Anglias & Merizal to (P. W.) Retaliator Brynhildr
(P. W.) Ruby Oceanic Banquet to (Pragmatic) Temple Knight Fortunata
(Praised) Miracle-showing Parona to (Pyre Guard) Versatile Dimeronne
(Pyre Guard) Voracious Nidhogg to (Replacement) Sun Goddess Amasol
(Replete) Overspreading Helonium to (Saliferous) Astonishing Marvella
(Salivating) Voracious Nidhogg to (Signal) Mariassa, Fanning Flames
(Silence) Kelka the Mortal Fount to (Spurned) Shenata, Love's Thorn
(Squall) Whimsical Tempest Queen to (Swaying) Miracle-showing Parona
(Swear) Guard Captain Milandross to (Tea) Tea Party in Wonderland
(Tea) The Queen's Hospitality to (Treasureseeker) Ruin Master Rassul
(Treasuring) Pegasus Kin Solha to (Unswayable) Bold Ice Prince Aegir
(Unswerving) Vigilant Goblin to (Weigh) Phanuel, Archangel of Dogma
(Weighted) Selfish Nephilim Rhanana to Alchemy Card Pack -Scorpio-
Alchemy Card Pack -Virgo- to Battle Royale LII
Battle Royale LIII to CPE
Cadaver Knight Grumbach to Cruel Angel Eric
Cruel Dollmaker Lorraine to Dianna, Exotic Trader
Diantia, Night's Daughter to Enrico, Il Vento Agitato
Enrubaks, Learning of the End to Forest Card Gallery Pages 121-130
Forest Card Gallery Pages 131-140 to Grim Messenger Vonival
Grimlian the Deathtrifler to Holy Sentinel Lazward
Holy Servant Antoinette to Karamoss, Altering Pasts
Karin, Timid Prodigy to Luise the Endowed
Lulil the Great Creator to Mist Princess Maristel
Mistletoe, Holiday Creeper to PWR 14 Guaranteed UR Ticket
Pacina the Sealed Relic to Ray's Diary Page
Raycent, Scaled Terror to Seeking King of Brutes
Seeking Specter Nabakov to Star Harpist Clarilla
Star Reader to Tigris Officer Glafia
Tiki to Vindictive Harpy Bernalda
Violaine the Diviner to Zweihander
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