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(100 Souls) Crimson Moon Hinagiku to (Admonishing) Millvina the Lucent
(Admonition) Goblin Sage Grengoetz to (Arborfied) Tree-Absorbed Esflonné
(Arc) Ainas, Unicorn Messenger to (Bestowed) Greedy Ice Golem
(Bestowing) Fiora of Cursed Blades to (Burn) Ruined Pegasus
(Burned Love) Nenon the Polluted to (Cleanse) Ruby Oceanic Banquet
(Cleanse) Sacred Oceanic Banquet to (Corpse) Ghoulish Barbarian
(Correct) Fred of the Eternal Blade to (Declaring) Demigod Queen Maricruz
(Declawed) Maggi, Puss in Boots to (Distinction) Trophy Bearer Oraliel
(Distinguish) Thrillseeker, Wrigley to (Endorsement) Contracting Mephisto
(Endow) Fred of the Eternal Blade to (Fading Pleasure) Enticing Succubus
(Fae Escort) Wispwing Maiden Glaube to (Forbidden) Lady Eden, Wise Sage
(Forbidding) Ocean Tyrant Livyatan to (Gospel) Lunay, Sacred Melody Maker
(Gourdtoss) Impish Moon Shirayuki to (Holy Bouquet) Rose Angel Alaverael
(Holy Chains) Keanu, Ireful Cleric to (Inflaming) Paros, Kindling Animus
(Inflammatory) Soulflame-clad Tina to (Law-Abiding) Observant Leguarre
(Lax) Belphegor, Morguesmith to (Manumission) Heaven-Ring Imershein
(Manumit) Freedom Fighter Armaata to (Necrobond) Corvus, Desiring Death
(Need) Wagner, the Legendary Dragon to (P. F.) Felixia, Mad Matriarch
(P. F.) Finality Ruler Artesia to (Perfect Edge) Dragonsteel Warrior
(Perfect Shot) Falcon Sharpshooter to (Prosperity) Princess Korin
(Prosthesis) Vengeful Captain Hook to (Recollecting) Haze Assassin Lyudia
(Recollection) Evil-Calling Madatt to (Revulsive) Hiltraud, Beast Tamer
(Rewaking) Esmerelda, Nupital Saint to (Self-Glory) Roaming Brawler Keela
(Self-Interested) Paradisiac Albion to (Solace) Doomed Offering Litvia
(Solar) Apollo of the Crimson Haze to (Subjection) Koshi, Demon Master
(Subjugate) Barbara, Undead Empress to (T. G.) Impish Moon Shirayuki
(T. G.) Incandescent Tinkerbell to (Tier 19) Legendary Dragon Kings
(Tier 2) Legendary Dragon Kings to (Unfaded) Nanael, Life Flame Bearer
(Unfaltering) Brash Solange to (Wandering) Inula, Loved by Time
(Waning) Renegade Dragonslayer to 7th Anniversary Campaign
8% UR Ticket to Atlas' Priestess Azaes
Atlas, King of Atlantis to Bloodbride-Seeking Demon
Blooddrunk Enoa to Commander Cho Hakkai
Committed Deitre to Degenerated Peter Pan (Raid Boss)
Deifying Diarona to Electrifying Cloud Dragon
Elefrog Kyoroko to Fire Card Gallery Pages 231-240
Fire Card Gallery Pages 31-40 to Gold-Obsessed Pillager
Gold-hungry Goblin to Heroes Colosseo XV
Heroes Colosseo XVI to Jane the Drifter
Janil, Cursebreaker to Lizen the Windcaller
Lizora and the Azure Beast to Meteorite (Event Treasure)
Meteorite (Quest Treasure) to Ominous Seraph Equelle
One-Armed Gertrude to Qutur, Guide to Eternity
R'lyeh, Depth Divinity to Savage Ansalize
Savage Priestess Xiomara to Soulmaster Dis Pater
Soulpoison Isola to The Sapphire Key
The Scarlet Key to Vanguard Captain
Vanguard Headhunter to Zalka, Spinning Gold
Zara, Skylarking in Death to Zweihander
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