Soulstealer Wendalina


Every solider on the battleground had perished, regardless of their affiliation. It was a decidedly odd occurrence, far more outlandish than a battle without a single fatality. Rumors spread that a god of death had stolen the souls of all present for the gruesome event. They spoke of her pale skin, her gold and red garb, and her eyes of endless terror. Raising one's weapon against her was forbidden, as she saw the gesture as an act of hostility, punishable by execution.


Name originEdit

Wendalina is a German feminine name, a variation of English Wendelle; of Germanic origin, derived from the word wend or element Wandal which is of the meaning "Wends, Vandals, wanderer". The Vandals (or Wendlas) were an ancient Germanic tribe whose destructive behavior led to the modern term "vandalism".

Additional InfoEdit

Artwork by Jung Myung Lee.

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