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In the Heavens, heroic spirits of antiquity gather around Tina. Her graceful dances soothe their minds and cleanse their souls, giving them a brilliant golden luster. Once fully prepared, Tina will guide them to the Holy Arena, where they will be trained as divine warriors to participate in the impending clash against the demons.


Added on November 18, 2014 in the Dragon's Hoard 6 BOX Card Pack as "Reborn" powered-up animated version of Soulflame-clad Tina with different skill and lore.

Name Origin[]

Tina is a shortened form of the Latin name Augustine, meaning "majestic", the Latin name Martina, meaning "martial" and "warlike", the Greek name Christina, meaning "Christian" and "anointed", and the Latin name Valentina, meaning "strong", and many others.

Additional Info[]

Artwork by Kid.