Soulblaze Wielder Calla


Together, Calla and her five companions had defeated many tremendous foes. They persevered to bring peace to the people, and battled against a shadowy organization which acted only to serve its own ends. Calla's clan infiltrated their main headquarters, where they exposed the evil assembly's wrongdoings and brought them to an end. They were extolled as the "Six Heroes", as they had fought not for fame or fortune, but to be a beacon of hope for others.


Added on August 3, 2014 as a part of Berzerker Rush 5 Card Pack. Highest ATK/DEF Ranking Reward Card for 1st (x2), 2-3rd (x2), 4-15th (x2), 16-40th, 41-100 Places. Altogether 230 cards for two ranking periods.

Name originEdit

Calla is a feminine name of Greek origin; the meaning is "beautiful". Derived from greek word kallos; also the name of a flower calla lily. Also possibly a variant of Caoilainn an Irish Gaelic name meaning "slim and fair", or from Kelila meaning "crown of laurel" or a short form of Michaela.

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